Tough Dads, Caterpillars, and Butterflies

Hey, so I know it’s a long ways away, but Father’s Day is coming up on June 16 and it’s never too early to get ready to celebrate the male role models in our lives.

“With great power comes great responsibility…”
- Uncle Ben


Here’s one gift suggestion that’s pretty tough, cute, and family-oriented all at once… ready?


Matching CAT Apparel shirts. 


1510231_blush 1510207_ink1510034_black


One for dad, one for mum, and one or more for the kid(s). It shows that you’re all hardworking, tough, and united as individuals and as a whole family.


What I like about CAT Apparel shirts is their branding (when I see that logo, I think of the honest hard worker, the backbone of our industrial infrastructure)… and their tagless shirts (but seriously, why do any brands still put tags on their clothing?!).


Admiral Adama is pretty much his entire crew’s dad. He’s tough, loyal, and lovable.


PROTIP: If you’re ever looking for CAT Apparel products and you don’t want to wade through a bunch of sites that sell clothing for cats and kittens, just type “Caterpillar Apparel.” :3


Don’t forget to save the date! June 16, 2013.

You can find these shirts and other great Father’s Day gifts at BareBonesWorkWear.com.


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Top 5 Most Awesomely Attractive Ariat Western Boots

You’re ready to ride by dawn and spend your mornings roaming the lands of this great country on your best friend and best steed.

Ariat began as a company that wanted to make the best boots for the best equestrian athletes. From 1993 to this day, they have never lost sight of their mission to create the most durable, hard working (for you!), comfortable, and damn fine lookin’ boots you ever did see.


So enough rambling from me, let’s see what these Top 5 Most Awesomely Attractive Ariat Western Boots are:

1. Ariat 9544 Women’s Quickdraw Tan Ostrich Print

I absolutely love flashes of shocking colors (CMYK holler), but these Quickdraw boots are super styling PLUS they’ve got ATS(r) (Advanced Torque Stability) technology, aka they keep your feet comfy and dry (particularly useful if you’re out for a long day of work and you don’t want your feet to feel like they’ve been in a sauna all day)! These western boots also have Duratread rubber outsoles, which are more durable than traditional rubber compounds.


Ariat 9544 Women's Quickdraw Tan Ostrich Print

Ariat 9544 Women’s Quickdraw Tan Ostrich Print


2. Ariat 9597 Men’s Rawhide Thunder Brown

GET READY TO BRING THE THUNDER! These electrifying boots are fancy as hell and feature Ariat’s 4LR(tm) (4 layer rebound) technology which provides comfort and support (doesn’t have the rad moisture-wicking technology of the ATS(r) system). Also maybe a little biased on this one because I love any sort of peacock blue colors.

Ariat 9597 Men's Rawhide Thunder Brown

Ariat 9597 Men’s Rawhide Thunder Brown


3. Ariat 10144 Men’s WorkHog Mesteno Brown Rowdy

This square-toed boot is not for squares! (but if you do identify as a square and you like these boots, you should totally rock them)

This WorkHog boot might leave the thunder to that Rawhide boot… but these ones certainly bring a shock of lightning green! Not only is the design gorgeous, but the boot is also very functional. It features Ariat’s aforementioned Duratread(tm) sole, along with their U-Turn Entry System(tm), which makes it easy for any foot to find its way in or out of this hardy boot (half the struggle of an ordinary work day, right?).



Ariat 10144 Men's WorkHog Mesteno Brown Rowdy

Ariat 10144 Men’s WorkHog Mesteno Brown Rowdy


4. Ariat 9589 Men’s Quickdraw Chocolate Elephant

I LOVE the color orange. I love everything orange. It is such an under-appreciated color (and the fruit is delicious, of course).

These boots have premium leather, just like all the other Ariat boots, and feature the previously mentioned Duratread(tm) technology. But look at that design!!! And the color! THE COLOR.

In fact, don’t even think about buying this boot. I wants it. It’s mine. My precious. 


Ariat 9589 Men's Quickdraw Chocolate Elephant

Ariat 9589 Men’s Quickdraw Chocolate Elephant


5. Ariat 9571 Men’s Heritage Roughstock Black

Now then, here are some handsome, conservative boots (with that dry comfort, thanks to the ATS(r) technology) for those of you who are into the cool, quiet, but bold look. You sit at the bar and no one really needs you to say anything because they already know. They already know your story and that you’re tough as adamantium.


Ariat 9571 Men's Heritage Roughstock Black

Ariat 9571 Men’s Heritage Roughstock Black

Well, there you have it folks. From rowdy and rambunctious to collected and courageous. These boots were not only made for walkin’, but they sure as hell were meant for workin’.


Top 3 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

College is a time of no sleep, studying, classes, more studying, and lots of hard work! When summer comes, its a relief to take a break from the fast paced college life. The only problem is, you’re short on funds being a starving college student and all. Summer jobs are a great way to score some cash and save up for the fall semester spending, i.e. books, bills, groceries, and tuition for school and outside activities. Here are some of the top 3 summer jobs perfect for college students!

1. Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is perfect from summer since it only lasts about three months. Prior to applying make sure you have researched and taken the proper safety training for this particular job. The best part is the pay is pretty decent, you get to teach swimming lessons, possible private lessons that you can charge more for, and sit by the pool all day. At least you’ll be getting paid to enjoy the summer sun!



Since it tends to get slippery by the pool make sure you have good slip resistant sandals like the Spenco Total Suppor Yumi Flip Flop and good shades that protect against UVA and UVB rays like the 5.11 Soar Aviator Sunglasses!

Spenco(r) 39-325 PolySorb(r) Total Support Yumi Men's Sandal

Spenco(r) 39-325 PolySorb(r) Total Support Yumi Men’s Sandal

5.11.52027 Soar Aviator Plain Lens Sunglasses

5.11.52027 Soar Aviator Plain Lens Sunglasses

2. Camp Counselor

Being a camp counselor is a great way to connect with kids, make some money, and have a really fun summer! Most camp counselor jobs consist of mentoring kids from very young ages to teenagers. The best thing you can do as a counselor is be a role model and someone they can look up to, which is more rewarding then the money you’ll make!

As a camp counselor, you can look forward to free food, room, and board, cam outs, hikes, smore’s and lots of outdoor activities. Make sure you pack your Dorfman Brushed Twill Safari Mesh Hat to keep your face safe from the sun and bugs and the pack a good hiking boot like the  Timberland Tree Women’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof  Boot for the many hikes you’ll take the little tykes on!

Dorfman 864M Brushed Twill Safari Mesh Hat

Dorfman 864M Brushed Twill Safari Mesh Hat

Timberland Tree 12668 Women's White Ledge Mid Waterproof

Timberland Tree 12668 Women’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof

3. Server

Taking a server job over the summer is a great way to make a lot of money! What’s great about working for a restaurant is that the hours are pretty flexible, you get an hourly pay, and if you are good enough you can make great tips! All you have to remember is to have good customer service and if you’re having a bad night, don’t let the customer know. Hard as it may be sometimes, creating a good experience for customers will increase how generous they are!

To have the uniform look that most restaurants require, you’ll want a vest like the Linden Grey 4Y18 Men’s Five-Button Vest and a good sturdy pair of black pants like the Dickies Girl Straight Leg Pant in Black. Buy two sets and you’ll be set on your waiter/waitress attire and able to spend your tips elsewhere!

Linden Grey 4Y18 Men's Five-Button Vest

Linden Grey 4Y18 Men’s Five-Button Vest

Dickies Girl Straight Leg Pant in Black

Dickies Girl Straight Leg Pant in Black






Photo Credit: Aqua Safe, City of Sioux Falls, EHow, Aloha Foundation, These Fries Are Good, Wise Geek, Your Relationship Edge, Covering College Life,  Polk University


1 Pair of Pants: 3 Job Outfits!

Dickies Girl HH164 5 Pkt Classic Skinny Pant

You work hard for your money, so you should spend it right! One of the hard things about going to work or going to multiple jobs is that you have to dress a certain way at each one whether it be business,


Dickies and War

Here is my summer high school job story.



In case you can’t read my handwriting:


I used to work @ Great America©.


It was the worst.


I served ice cream and popcorn and some other sugary delights.


Every day, I wore Dickies Pants (navy blue dress code… I think they might have been mens pants, too lol). Baggy, sturdy. Nice and comfy for when I battled ants with my sanitizer spray. (probz could’ve used some 5.11 gear)



Lock and Load: National Police Week

Time to lock and load because its National Police Week! What better way to honor our men and women in uniform then by showing off their skills in the 5.11 Tactical Gear! Not only was the SWAT Teams that captured the Boston Bombers fully decked in 5.11, but 5.11 Tactical Gear is becoming more popular among our country’s police officers. Check out our Instgram pic’s of some of the best 5.11 gear along with officers in action!







To protect and to serve, the best way to honor a police officer is to thank them! Thank them for putting themselves in danger to protect us. If you are a bad-ass cop that only wants the top gear, check out our selection of 5.11 Tactical Uniforms to complete any mission! Happy National Police Week!

5.11.58631 LBE Vest

5.11.58631 LBE Vest


5.11.74252 GSA Tactical Pants

5.11.74252 GSA Tactical Pants


5.11.48130 5.11 Torrent Jacket

5.11.48130 5.11 Torrent Jacket


5.11.53152 ATAC R3Mc Flashlight

5.11.53152 ATAC R3Mc Flashlight