Cold Feet, Warm Hearts

Are you suffering from cold extremities? Well, you’re not alone! Women all over the world are frightened by this time of year because their feet are always freezing. It’s like they develop a mind of their own!  Studies shows women are nine times more likely than men to develop cold extremities. Shock-O-Con. So, what happens? Our bodies freak out when it detects cold and the blood flow is like, “I’m heading to the middle!”-  a.k.a. – to the heart, lungs and other internal organs. The process is called vasoconstriction and it happens to women much faster than it does to men. Put differently, your body is willing to sacrifice extremities to keep internal organs warm.


It’s almost inevitable ladies; we will be colder than our male counterparts. But there are a couple of things we ought to know. Here are some instances where you can expect to be colder:

  • That time of the month. Estrogen regulates the peripheral blood vessels, so when our hormones are high they become more sensitive to temperature.
  • Caffeine … It thins your blood! So, the coffee that you think is keeping you warm in the morning is actually making you colder
  • How you feelin’? Your mood can also affect the temperature of your body. So…

images (2)

Life is beautiful!

Now that we have the deets (details- that’s what the kids are callin’ them these days) outta the way, we can discuss some of the ways to combat the cold. Women, we are so rockin’ awesome and badass! We got this.

  • K20VWSSL-BSDrink plenty of water- The benefits of water are endless (stay tuned for more info on H20). My yogi suggests drinking half of your body weight in ounces. For example, if I weighted 100 pounds (yeah, right) then my water intake should be 50 ounces or more per day. Klean Kanteen K20VWSSL Adult’s 20oz Kanteen Wide Insulated with Stainless Loop Cap is excellent for your daily water intake. Not only will you be saving time, money and energy, but you’d be helping out the environment and the next generation (yeah, your kids).
  • Layer yourself from head to toe. Thermals, scarves, beanies and gloves are ideal for keeping those cold extremities warm. Sometimes, I’ll even mix things up… European style. Meaning, I wear nylons under my pants, shorts or skirts. Ariat offers an amazing bootight that was designed particular for boots. These cotton/lycra blend tights feature a moisture-wicking performance ankle height sock foot with built-in arch support and sculptured cushioning at the toe and heel.

Ariat 11979 Women’s Bootights Single Rose Black


Ariat 11687 Women’s Bootight Zebra Pattern Black


Ariat 11688 Women’s Bootight Cheetah Pattern Dark Chocolate



  • Last but not least and the most important of all… your little toesy woesies! It doesn’t matter if you are out and about with the girls or snuggling at home with that special someone, your feet are probably cold- especially come December 21st (first day of winter). I got just the thing for you. Here are a couple of options to keep your toesy wosies warm this winter.

 Ugg 2954 Women’s Bailey Bow Boot



UGG 4144 Women’s Kensington II Boot

1004144-BLK_21004144_BLK_4 1004144_BLK_3 1004144_BLK_2


UGG 4142 Women’s Rianne Boot Black

1004142-BLK_11004142_BLK_2 1004142_BLK_3 1004142_BLK_4

UGG 5825 Women’s Classic Short Boot


5825-CHE_15825-CHE_3 5825-CHE_4 5825-CHE_2

UGG 5661 Women’s Scuffette II Slipper

5661-CHE_3 5661-CHE_4 5661-CHE_5 5661-CHE_1


We may have cold feet ladies, but we sure have warm hearts! Stay tuned for more…

Photo credit: http://www.evolutioncounseling.com/buck-up.html


MaryAlice Coelho

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