BareBones Employees: Jesse Goes to Rocky Camp!

So when you think of summer, you probably think about how lucky kids are. Off from school, tons of free time, and summer camp! I’m sure you’re thinking, “Summer camp for adults would be so boring.” Well, summer camps for adults are actually awesome! One of the members of the BareBones Team, Jesse went to the Rocky Marketing Headquarters in Nelsonville, Ohio for a retreat that was both business and vacation!

Jesse and his class spent three fun-filled days at the Rocky Headquarters and got a chance to learn everything about the brand and how it ticks. Not only was the retreat based on an education of all the brands under Rocky, but also fun informative tours of the facilities, Rocky’s philosophy of how to build a great boot, and a sneak peek of products in production. Lucky! The group also got a chance to learn more about the brand as a core but also marketing strategies, techniques, and way to really clue in to the customer. Jesse excelled at the retreat and once he and his class graduated, it was time to have some fun!













After graduation, Jesse pictured below with one of the head honchos of Rocky, it was time to celebrate! The class was taken on outdoor excursions like hiking and kayaking to celebrate their completion of the course. It just wouldn’t be summer without a BBQ or two, which was the top off to a great weekend! Congrats to the Rocky Class of 2013 and a special shout out to our guy Jesse!










Jill Tustin

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