Barey on the Red Carpet

Celebrities get so much attention, and most of the time they don’t even want the unnecessary attention. The paparazzi is out of control! Hiding in bushes, under cars, on top of slow moving ice cream trucks – whatever it takes to get the perfect shot of a celebrity in the wild. Boys and girls, this is no way to live. I hope you have a goal of what you want to be in life, and it better have nothing to do with pissing off unsuspecting celebrities. They get enough attention from all other forms of media, and come to think of it, it’s too much. I don’t want to know what the Kardashians are eating for breakfast. So what if ¬†Honey Boo Boo cries if there isn’t enough butter in the fridge. And can we finally stop caring about Justin Bieber’s new haircuts?

Good thing I have a good friend in Barey Bones. He’s not absorbed in the Hollywood hype that television seems to try and shove down my throat. He’s level headed, has both feet on the ground, and….Barey? Barey?? What are you doing with those binoculars???


Barey Bones + Binoculars = I'm afraid to ask

Barey Bones + Binoculars =
I’m afraid to ask

BAREY!!!!!! You too?!? Up on the roof with these…oh. Pretty nice binoculars, Barey. Let me take a look. Wow…you can see for miles with these. So who are you looking at anyway? Ok. I see. You’re looking at celebrities too, but for completely different reasons – trying to find celebrities that are flashing BareBones WorkWear approved apparel. Show us who you have found so far Barey!


Bad Grampa being rad in his Dickies.

Bad Grandpa being rad in his Dickies.johnny_dickes

Right off the bat, look who Barey Bones found my friends! Mr. Johnny Knoxville, the creative mind behind Jackass and the upcoming movie Bad Grandpa. He’s sporting pants just like the Dickies Multi-Use Pocket Work Pant, and they seem to be very comfortable. He can’t get enough of them no matter how active he is day or night. Maybe we’ll see him wearing them in his new movie.

Kristen Stewart keeping warm long after the Twilight Saga's completion

Kristen Stewart keeping warm long after the Twilight Saga’s completion

Kristen's jacket on BareBonesWorkWear.com

Barey, how did you find Kristen Stewart? She hasn’t done much worth mentioning since wrapping up the Twilight Saga. She looks pretty cold, especially after breaking up with former boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Doesn’t really matter though, she could find warmth with the¬†Carhartt’s J130 Men’s Sandstone Jacket. Hey wait a minute! This is from the men’s line. Guess she kept something from that former relationship.

At least her feet are respectable

Totally rockin’ those Docs.


Don’t look at me! Barey Bones found Miley Cyrus! She sure raised hell with her twerking performance at this year’s VMA’s. Robin Thicke was a happy man but most of America wanted her head for corrupting the new generation. Barey Bones doesn’t seem to mind. Wait a minute! I see what he is really interested in. The Dr Marten’s Icon Work Boots. If I can pull my eyes away for just a minute I think I can find one more of Barey’s celebrity finds.

Jesus, it's Yesus.

Jesus, it’s Yeezus.


Kanye's boots at BareBonesWorkWear.com

Here he is. The man voted least likely to date Taylor Swift. Kanye West is out and about with his new fiancee, Kim Kardashian, and remembered to wear his Timberland PRO 65016 Men’s Waterproof 6-in Boot in Waterbuck Wheat, even if he forgot to tie them. But that’s the style and you have to respect it. Or don’t. Either way the boots are awesome.

I have to admit, celebrity watching can be a little fun when they are wearing so much gear we know and love on BareBonesWorkWear.com. In fact, I know a place that is crawling with celebrities. The red carpet! Let’s take Barey Bones down there right now. Don’t forget the binoculars!

Mike LeSueur

It is said that Mike and Barey Bear once dated the same girl at the same time. Barey ultimately won the girl's heart after a fight that left Mike with no arms. Mike now serves as Barey's full time maid, making sure the cave is clean at all times, and the cubs have enough flesh to munch on.

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