Press Release: BareBones is on Pinterest!

I know, I know! Pretty amazing right? We have a BareBones Workwear Pinterest account! Since this is a monumental event in our history, you need to check it out and join the Pinterest movement!

Bare Bones Logo

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, Pinterest is the new cool way to create multiple virtual cork boards that revolve around your interest, or as I have experienced, a wonderful way to procrastinate! BareBones Workwear is now on Pinterest to not only provide you with updates and new arrivals but share our love of hiking, camping, everything outdoors, family time, and any projects that we think would be fun! Get gardening tips, DIY projects, and a laugh here and there!


So what are you doing? Follow us on Pinterest and if you haven’t heard of Pinterest, go onto your computer, create a profile, and join the online sensation outside of that rock you’ve lived under!