Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) and What you Should Know

From US Department of Labor Blog

by Mandy Edens

Photo credit US Dept of Labor

Photo credit US Dept of Labor

Protective Clothing is the most important way to avoid cold stress. The type of fabric even makes a difference. Cotton loses its insulation value when it becomes wet. Wool, silk and most synthetics, on the other hand, retain their insulation even when wet. Here are some clothing recommendations for working in cold environments:

  • Wear at least three layers of clothing. An inner layer of wool, silk or synthetic to wick moisture away from the body. A middle layer of wool or synthetic to provide insulation even when wet. An outer wind and rain protection layer that allows some ventilation to prevent overheating. Layering provides better insulation. Do not wear tight fitting clothing.
  • Wear a hat or hood to help keep your whole body warmer. Hats reduce the amount of body heat that escapes from your head.
  • Wear insulated boots or other footwear.
  • Keep extra clothing (including underwear) handy in case you get wet and need to change.
  • Do not underestimate the wetting effects of perspiration. Oftentimes wicking and venting of the body’s sweat and heat are more important than protecting from rain or snow.

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BareBones WorkWear has many products to protect you from the cold and to help you layer.

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All’s Wool That Ends Wool

Fact: It’s cold outside.

Another fact: you have to work.

Whether you’re fixing someone’s leaky roof, working on the roadways, or even enjoying the slopes (lucky!),  you don’t want jack frost nipping at your nose–or any part of your body for that matter! And the last thing you want is for your clothes to get sweaty while you’re helping someone put snow chains on their car. We’ve already learned that cotton isn’t the best thing to wear when you’re working all day in the cold and that polyester and fleece are both good substitutes for those long winter days. But what we didn’t tell you yet is how awesome wool is. Wool repels water, which gives it similar moisture-wicking properties as polyester, making it a great natural alternative to polyester.


Wool You Like It? 


One of the deciding factors in buying new clothing is how easy it is to maintain. How many times have you found the perfect coat, but put it back because it was dry clean only? Nobody has time for that! Neither do sheep. Think about it: sheep wear wool every day of their lives, using it to protect them from the elements, including dirt and grime. The fibers in wool have a special casing that traps dirt close to the surface, making it easy to clean. And have you ever seen sheep with a wrinkled coat? Probably not. That’s because wool is resistant to wrinkling.


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Wool is a natural enemy to dust. Seriously, they hate each other. Dust likes humid environments commonly found in synthetic fibers, and wool is having no part of that! Which means that you won’t be suffering so much from allergies or asthma.

Hands for Spinning


What else can wool do? A whole lot. It’s a lightweight insulator, holds dyes better than many other fabrics,  resists mildew, and makes you less stinky by reducing body odor.

 Merino on Your Feet-o


When you think of wool, you might think of those itchy sweaters that grandma used to knit. You know, the ones you had to wear whenever she came to visit. You don’t want to have to stop your snowboard mid-slope just because you’ve got a case of the wool itchies! While some wool types can be quite itchy, some are actually quite comfy. It all depends on the sheep!


Unlike your grandma’s sweaters, merino wool clothing is quite comfy. This type of wool is very fine and soft, unlike the thick, itchy fibers you see popping out of some wool clothing. In fact, it’s one of the softest wools you can find. Merino wool is also known to be quite durable, which is important when you’re hammering nails all day. Merino wool is a popular fabric for socks because it keeps you dry, it’ll last through anything your feet can throw at it, its insulated nature keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it’ll keep your feet comfortable and not grandma’s sweater itchy.


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INVASION: Eight-Legged Freaks

S.O.S · · · – – – · · · S.O.S · · · – – – · · ·


BareBones Workwear has been invaded.

Yesterday on her walk during break, Content Writer Manda came across a horrifying scene. Just two buildings over from the BareBones HQ, she found an enormous black widow (the corpse of her spouse still chillin’  in the web) and five ticking time-bombs (read: gumball-sized egg sacs).

Seriously. FIVE. F-I-V-E.



The terrifying culprit looking very smug.

The murder scene.

For the moment she is safely locked away behind glass, but as soon as those little nuggets of terror burst open and escape, it is going to be curtains for BareBones and probably the rest of humanity too. And it is only because of these dire consequences that I have decided something must be done: we’re going to kill it with fire.

Spiders are creepy.

Spiders are creepy.


The scene where this spider resides looks very grim, I’m thinking we should quarantine it or at least get some yellow police tape. That reminds me, do you know the number for the CDC (Center for Disease Control)? Or maybe an industrial exterminator.

Bug graveyard.

Bug graveyard.

Multiple egg sacs means HUNDREDS of babies!!

Multiple egg sacs means HUNDREDS of babies!!


Before we break out the flame thrower let’s get safe first. Fire can get out of hand quick, so let’s pump the breaks and suit up. Let’s start with some Fire Resistant Gear.

If I was a dude (or just a human who is generally concerned for their safety and well being), I would want to be both safe and stylish while wielding the elements, something that the Wrangler Men’s Flame Resistant Original Fit Jean, and the Dickies Men’s 11 oz. Ultra Soft Duck FR Hooded Jacket would accomplish.

Boots are a good idea too. Steel Toe is an even better bet, things happen fast when you’re saving the world. McRae Industrial Men’s Low Steel Toe SD Hiker would do great, you never know when you might drop something or maybe that spider could leap from the safety of it’s nest and land on your toe. Good thing you were wearing steel toes, or your foot would be killed with fire too.

But there are a few options out there. I dunno about you, but wearing jeans and a jacket makes me a little weary of all the little nooks and crannies that the terrifying black widow could leap into. One of the most important things about safety?? Not becoming a victim yourself. No way that spider is winning this battle! For full hazmat protection that would make me feel a whole lot safer would be the Bulwark KDE4SB Men’s Chemical Splash Disposable FR Coverall. This is also disposable and pretty cheap, so as soon as that job is done and over with it is going in the industrial trash bin to be incinerated. We are taking no risks.

Now we're talking.

Now we’re talking.

It seems like flame resistant clothing is solely made for men, which makes perfect sense seeing as the entire female population is born impervious to fire, bad hair days, and catcalling. But personal protection and safety is for all genders. All living things, really. When it comes to saving the world from a Black Widow spider invasion, gender takes no name.

Other Personal Protective Equipment (known as PPE in the biz) that is needed would be safety glasses and all leather gloves. Did you know that the flames can reach a temp of 1200F??! That would melt your skin off before you can say I forgot to wear gloves!! Good thing BareBones WorkWear has plenty of safety goggles and gloves to choose from. The DeWalt DPG95-1D Adult’s Framework Glasses Clear One Size  would do just the trick. All leather gloves are highly recommended, such as the Carhartt A552 Adult’s Insulated Leather Driver Glove.




Fire and safety go hand in hand.

Fire and safety go hand in hand.

We will need to post an update after we combat this spider family. Until then, we are keeping our doors locked tight and killing any type of spider or spider looking object within a 1 mile radius.

I am going to enjoy this last weekend and then, come Monday, I will be cancelling the apocalypse.

Send all prayers and tokens of appreciation to 8555 Weyand Way.


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