Constructed for Greatness!

Unlike Wall E, we were not born constructed for greatness! Pixar’s adorable robot Wall E was created to clean up and work through a construction site with all the safety requirements met. He’s one cute safety example! Unfortunately we as humans are not born with a knowledge for safety. It is something that must be learned, respected, and always practiced in dangerous situations… like on the side of the road with crazy drivers eating burgers while talking on cell phones. Its a dangerous world in the construction zone and there are lots of ways to make yourself visible and safe.







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Luckily for you we happen to have an expert on the matters of safety, Barey Bones! Barey always says, “Protect your thinker!” Your head is so vulnerable around a construction site with stuff that you could fall into or fall on you. Protect your noggin with the  Occunomix Hard Hat with Neck Shade that also protects your neck from the harsh sun rays and the heat of the asphalt. Trust us, you will be thankful for the shade because without it you’re more at risk of being a red neck, ehhh, ehhhh?

Anyway, Barey always stresses about being visible when working in traffic because let’s face it, most oncoming drivers won’t see you and are typically stupid! Make sure you can been seen in the Carhartt 100495 Men’s Force High-Visibility T-Shirt – Class 2 that I’m pretty sure is so bright you can see it from space!

Just like Lieutenant Dan said in Forest Gump, “Number one: take good care of your feet and two: don’t do anything stupid!” Straight to the point knowledge that Barey believes is the best advice for a construction site. Foot protection is a MUST especially when working in a dangerous environment. Wear the Dr. Martens R12721200 Men’s Ironbridge ST EH SR OR Work Boot Teak for hard core protection that will keep your feet safe from any slip ups.

Occunomix 971 Hard Hat Neck Shade

Occunomix 971 Hard Hat Neck Shade

Carhartt 100495 Men's Force High-Visibility T-Shirt - Class 2

Carhartt 100495 Men’s Force High-Visibility T-Shirt – Class 2

Dr. Martens R12721200 Men's Ironbridge ST EH SR OR Work Boot Teak

Dr. Martens R12721200 Men’s Ironbridge ST EH SR OR Work Boot Teak


Now thanks to Barey’s advice, you can be as safe as Wall E on the job! Remember to wear the right visibility, shoes that protect you feet, and set up the proper signage and cones for protecting the job and your ass!

Stay safe out there!

Oh, and you’re welcome!



Photo Credit: Pixar

Jill Tustin

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