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Barey Bones

We all have that one friend. That friend who just oozes cool-ness. When he or she walks by, you hear downtown jazz music with a snare, a snap, and a crack!

Barey Bones’ friend Stogi was that bear with all the right moves.

Stogi was the coolest cat in the forest and everyone knew him as the smooth talker of all the animals.

Unfortunately, everyone has a weakness and for Stogi it was picnic baskets.


We’re not necessarily saying that Rangers have been involved, but lets just say Stogi is smooth enough to take a picnic basket and slide on back to the forest without the Rangers even noticing.  Stogi was always there for Barey to give him the the “coolest” advice.


Growing up, Barey was so focused on retrieving the Class 5 Hi-Vis vest that he never cared about what he looked like. Until he decided to make a professional business move and join forces with BareBones WorkWear, he hardly wore anything but a hard hat, his Hi-Vis Vest, and sturdy construction boots.  That’s where Stogi stepped in to school his cousin on casual wear. “You know Barey, you don’t have to be in work clothes all the time! Sometimes it okay to play it cool,” said Stogi.


Levi’s are an absolute staple in Barey’s closet these days, particularly the Original Fit line. They are tough jeans that just look good.


Barey was a bit slower to adopt button down shirts and decorative t-shirts, but when the compliments from pretty bears started to flow his way, well he got on board.

Some of his favorites are 5.11 & Carhartt:


Carhartt’s line of twill long and short-sleeved shirts come in a range of plaids and rich colors.

5.11 has a great line of fun t-shirts, from cool American-spirit inspired prints to fun graphics.


With the embrace of cool clothing, it was about time Barey got some cool boots!

Barey’s two claws up brands are now: Chippewa, Timberland Pro, & Thorogood.


The safety toe Timberland PRO Power Welt boot is made of Ever-Guard leather, a hard-wearing enhanced leather that provides ultimate protection against abrasion and heat.

The nice two-tone leather make them more than just a work boot too.

The Chippewa Redwood Wedge is a fantastic looking boot. It has 8-inches of oiled redwood uppers and Vibram Christy Wedge outsoles. The boots have amazing cushion insoles, which is one of Barey’s favorite!

The Thorogood American Heritage Sport Hiker Boot comes in a deep root beer color and has a “Shock Zone” footbed. The lining is a comfort weave and the boots are slip-resistant!


Last but not least, Stogi showed Barey the essence of swag by showing Barey that a a cool cap makes a cool cat… or bear!


CAT Apparel has a great selection of caps featuring the CAT logo. They also have a number of knit caps too for winter.

Carhartt caps come in a wide range of colors and styles too. They have camo caps, military caps and several varieties of ear flap caps.

There are a few varieties of Under Armour caps as well, but honestly Barey favors the “moose-looking” logo cap the best!


For more Bear Swag, check out all of Stogi and Barey’s cool picks at BareBones Workwear.

Monica Caraway

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