Costume Idea #1: Doctor Up

Ever want to burst through some double doors and shout, “The Doctor’s in the house!”? Since its Halloween, you can have that magical moment of feeling like you put in countless sleepless nights of studying in medical school, performed over 300 surgeries and won the Nobel Prize… twice. Now you can live out that fantasy on Halloween night as an all American Doctor! You obviously want to look like the real deal, right? Here are the tools you’ll need to be the best doctor on Halloween night! Plus it’s the comfiest costume… EVER!

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Scrub Lab Coats:

The first thing you need if you’re going to be a doctor for Halloween is obviously a pure white lab coat that gives you status as a real doctor. Just like Dr. Cox said, not everyone can wear a white coat; it’s for doctors only! To show your status of graduating fake medical school, you gotta put on a slick fancy white coat like the WonderWink 7106 Adult’s Origins Lab Coat or the Carhartt C70106 Adult’s Consultation Lab Coat! Even having the coat as a prop in your costume will make you look so much more distinguished! Just sayin’!

WonderWink 7106 Adult's Origins Lab Coat

WonderWink 7106 Adult’s Origins Lab Coat

Carhartt C70106 Adult's Consultation Lab Coat

Carhartt C70106 Adult’s Consultation Lab Coat











Scrub Tops

To really pull off a doctor costume, you obvioulsy need a good pair of scrubs. First start with the top, its gotta be something basic because as a doctor for the night, you need something you can operate in… stat! Look like a real professional  in the Landau 8219 Women’s V-Neck Tunic and the Landau 7489 Men’s 5-Pocket Scrub Top. Both are breathable, flexible and so comfy. Let’s just say you’ll be comfier then some of the girls who have a million parts to their costume that are more constraining than spooky!

Landau 8219 Women's Women's V-Neck Tunic

Landau 8219 Women’s Women’s V-Neck Tunic


Landau 7489 Men's 5-Pocket Scrub Top

Landau 7489 Men’s 5-Pocket Scrub Top












Scrub Pants

Here is the best part about being a doctor for Halloween–scrub pants!! Yes, it’s like you’re wearing your comfy pants that were rolled in clouds, feathers and laughter. Pretty awesome! You’ll be able to hit up all your Halloween engagements in two of our customer favorites, the KOI 701 Women’s Lindsey Scrub Pant and the KOI 601 Men’s James Scrub Pant. Do you really need more convincing after seeing these? Just think, you get to wear them. Logic!

KOI 701 Women's Lindsey Scrub Pant

KOI 701 Women’s Lindsey Scrub Pant

KOI 601 Men's James Scrub Pant

KOI 601 Men’s James Scrub Pant











Make it Scary

So you’re probably thinking, well anyone can be a doctor for Halloween. Yeah everyone can, but if you put your own spooky pin on it, you’ll be totally original. Make yourself into a sort of death doctor or Grimm doctor with the ZAN Head Gear Full Skull Mask in Black and White or the ZAN Head Gear Hal Mask in Blue. Either one makes you look creepy and I definitely wouldn’t want you as my doctor. No offense.

That's a little creepy...

That’s a little creepy…


So is this!

So is this!












Top off your evil doctor costume with some classic tools like a doctor’s mask, stethoscope and and eye light. To make it extra evil just cover everything in fake blood and you’ll be the scariest evil doctor on Halloween! But don’t be surprised if your evil-ness is showed up by the evilest doctor around, Dr. Evil! *Dun Dun DUN*




Jill Tustin

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