Costume Idea #4: Minions!

Life’s a Minion

Are you looking for an awesome costume for your kids this year? I have an idea for you…and it will cost you 5 bucks! No just kidding–I like you so I’ll give it to you for free! Its a minion costume from the magical movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2! If you don’t know what either of those are, go watch them and join the sensation that is minions!

… Okay, are we all up to speed? If you are read on and prepare to be the coolest parent ever!

Aren't they so cute???

Aren’t they so cute???


Who wouldn't want to have a couple of these lying around the house?

Who wouldn’t want to have a couple of these lying around the house?


Wait... now they look confused?

Wait… now they look confused?


Create Your Own Minion!

If you’re kids are crazy about Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, they will freak out if you could turn them into a minion. Because, let’s face it, every kid wants to be a minion. Start with a beanie in either a neutral or yellow color like the 5.11 Watch Cap to give the illusion of a bald head. Then grab a basic yellow shirt like the Classroom Uniforms Youth’s Long Sleeve Polo in Yellow to give them that yellow glow! Don’t forget, they have to have overalls–it makes the costume! Grab the Berne Apparel Kids Unlined Bib Overall in Hickory Stripe and they’ll look so stinkin’ cute! But don’t worry, they won’t stink. Accessorize with the Berne Apparel Knit Gloves and the Timberland Kid’s Youth 6 inch Waterproof Boot in Black Nubuck. Top off your kid’s look with a googly pair of goggles like the Pyrex clear OTS Glasses that look like they came straight out of Gru’s secret lab!










And there you have it! A fun minion costume that you can chalk up to “new back to school clothes” even though it’s past back to school shopping season. Don’t worry, we’ll help you justify it!


Jill Tustin

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