Dog Days Are For Rover!

The holiday season is right around the corner and you know the best part–an excuse to get your furry friend the cutest and best dog stuff! Being dog lovers as well, we have the perfect gift for your dog that will make you the best master ever! That’s right, we can make you go from an owner to a best friend with a dog’s best friend–a bed!




Every dog needs a bed, and whether you have a small dog or a large dog, a big bed seems right for every pooch. If you love Carhartt, you can give your dog the same durability and comfort with the Carhartt Dog Bed in the same Classic Canvas Duck Brown your jacket and pants come in! The oversized bed is 100% soft canvas duck cotton that you can’t help but envy. Easily washable, the duck cover unzips and is made to last with the feistiest of dogs.


So you’re thinking, “I’m the best owner,” and thought you couldn’t get a better gift for your best bud, right? Wrong! Now you can be the ultimate owner when you get your dog’s name embroidered on the Carhartt Dog Bed! Nothing says, “I love you buddy,” then a personalized dog bed! We at BareBones Workwear will customize your dog bed and embroider your pup’s name in black script writing. There you go buddy!

Snip20131104_1You love your dog and so do we! This holiday season will be one to remember for you and your best friend when you give him or her a brand new dog bed with his or her name on it. So sweet!

…Oh nothing, that’s not a tear, I just got some dust in my eye.



Photo Credit: madamezooble.com ,  1funny.com , www.painetworks.com

Jill Tustin

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