Flashback Friday :: Mario hates Sonic, Sonic hates Mario

Ahh, the good ‘ol days, when company mascots were the fiercest of foes. Mario and Sonic were thrown on the front line of the console wars back in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s. As a kid, it was a great rivalry to be a part of, where loyalties to different consoles were born. Nintendo had Mario, Mode 7, innovation, and an established brand. Sega had Sonic, “blast processing”, and an edgy image that screamed “this is for the cool kids”. At school, kids would argue for hours on why Nintendo or Sega was better. I even witnessed a fight break out because two kids couldn’t agree on which character was better, Mario or Sonic. It was a bloodbath.

Can't we all just get along? No! It's better this way!

When the consoles turned off at night, that was when the real battle began.

Then it happened. Sega decided to stop making consoles after the Dreamcast failed to reach expectations. It was over. Nintendo vs. Sega was no more. Now Sonic was on the road without a home. The most loyal of Nintendo fans rejoiced.


But what’s this? Sonic is returning?? To a Nintendo console?!? Yes, even the most vile of rivalries break down to the almighty dollar. Nintendo saw the opportunity to partner with the once fierce competitors to boost their game lineup. On the same token, Sonic finds a new home and Sega thrives once more as a third party developer. It was a huge day in the industry when both Mario and Sonic games could be enjoyed on the same console.

Hee Hee! We got it!

Hee Hee! We got it!

Togetherness is bliss, but it’s not fun for the ravenous fan boys! Yes, it is great that Nintendo fans get to enjoy all the Sonic games now, but the industry isn’t a fun battlefield anymore. The console war today just isn’t as epic as it once was. Sega, you need to revive the hate! Make a new console and yank all Sonic support from Nintendo! Make it fun for kids to argue over the two mascots like we once enjoyed. They really were some good times. Until that happens, this is what we’ll continue to see:

Mario loves Sonic, Sonic loves Mario!

Mario loves Sonic! Sonic loves Mario!

Yes, Mario and Sonic are besties now. In fact just today, to celebrate the upcoming Winter Olympics, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games was released. Now you can enjoy the frigid slopes in the warmth of your home this winter with Mario and Sonic in the same game. No longer a mortal battle, merely friendly competition.


If you long for the epic Mario vs. Sonic battle of yesteryear, watch this…at your own risk!


Mike LeSueur

It is said that Mike and Barey Bear once dated the same girl at the same time. Barey ultimately won the girl's heart after a fight that left Mike with no arms. Mike now serves as Barey's full time maid, making sure the cave is clean at all times, and the cubs have enough flesh to munch on.

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