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It really is the most wonderful time of the year, and all of us at BareBones WorkWear couldn’t be happier. Barey Bear, my coworkers, a toy dinosaur and I are gathered together this cold December day, getting cozy and warm under a large blanket. As we sit by the fire drinking hot cocoa and singing What Does the Fox Say, we’re thinking back to our favorite holiday movies. Lots of laughs and lots of chuckling, tears of joy are streaming down our faces. So many memorable moments in the movies that help make the holidays just a little more special. Without further adieu, here is what we recommend you watch this holiday season with your loved ones.


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Manda’s favorite is the first The Santa Clause movie starring Tim Allen from 1994. She loves that it is classic Tim Allen, which is why she found it really funny. ┬áThinking back to the movie makes her reminisce the fondest moments of the 90’s. The Santa Clause is a very touching movie where he loses custody of his child throughout most of the movie, but that special Christmas magic makes everything work out in the end. Manda especially likes the part where he orders a bunch of food for lunch as he starts to transform into Santa Clause.



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Doug’s pick for the holidays is White Christmas, which was released in 1954. Doug remembers loving this classic for its traditional Christmas story. The song White Christmas was born in this film, and is still a beautiful classic Christmas song today. Chances are, you’ve heard the song but never watched the movie. Doug admits that he remembers very little of the movie, but there is a dance scene where a guy throws explosives on the floor and then tap dances on them. That part stuck with him for ages. Of course, Bing Crosby is the ultimate holiday crooner.



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Sitting next to Doug in our cozy circle is MaryAlice. Her favorite holiday film is Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, released in 2000. What is great about this film? The singing, the costumes, the scenes, the Jim Carrey. Ah yes…we all agree. The Jim Carrey.



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Whoa! Cat just turned this safe, comfortable discussion upside down with her favorite holiday film, Silent Night, Deadly Night – Part. 2, which came out in 1987. Cat really likes this film because of Eric Freeman’s eyebrows. Also, there is a part where he shoots a guy taking out the trash, which is way cool. Yes, it’s all about the eyebrows, which she says is the best eyebrow acting you’ll ever see. Not even Yeesus (Kanye West) can compare to the eyebrows of Eric Freeman. The 0nly way you’ll understand is if you watch the movie…so watch the movie.



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As Cat gets a refill on the hot cocoa, Lindsey shares her love for Bill Murray in the 1988 classic Scrooged. It’s pretty cool she says. You get the classic Christmas Carol story, add Bill Murray on top of that, and it just gets amazing. The perfect combination. What else do you want?


Before Jill can share her favorite movie, a classic holiday tune, sung by Michael Bolton, plays on the radio. We stop to listen….


Michael Bolton sings White Christmas


Oh Michael Bolton… grow out that mullet again will ya?



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Jill’s favorite is a 1983 classic, A Christmas Story! “You’ll shoot your eye out!” She loves how it makes her feel like a kid again, and believe in the magic of the season. When Jill watches this film that shows all the things that can go wrong around Christmas, it’s done tastefully, and not cringe-worthy. Favorite part? When he gets his tongue stuck to the pole outside.



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Charles remembers a classic that we all hold dear to our hearts. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys from 1964. He cherishes this film for its clay animation style, but most importantly for the good-feel story that it is. The story of an outcast that went against the grain, was disliked for it, but in the end the misfits were accepted and loved by all. Truly a story we can all feel from personal experience in our own lives.



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Pick me! Pick me! We hear Lisa yelling as we watch a mouse scurry back to its home with a block of cheese. Best movie? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation from 1989. BECAUSE IT’S FUNNY!!! Things are constantly going wrong in the worst possible way. Her favorite scene is when he is trying to put Christmas lights on the house and…he electrocutes himself! Laughing at all the misfortune that takes place in this film is sure to bring smiles to you and yours.


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As I reach for the bag of marshmallows, I chuckle as I think of my favorite holiday film Elf, making us laugh since 2003. “I love smiling, smiling’s my favorite!” When I watched this movie for the first time, it was non-stop laughter watching Will Ferrell, an elf, trying to fit in with the real world with his kid-like wonder for the holidays. I can still watch this movie today and enjoy it all the same.

If you’re wondering what to watch during the holidays, why not try one of our favorites? Whether you’re watching one of these movies for the first time, or the 20th, they never get old.

Oh darn…we’re out of cocoa. And would you look at the time. Lunch break is over. Back to work for all of us!

From Barey Bones family to yours,


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