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Ok, confession time.  I am a huge fan of the show, Supernatural.



I started watching the show maybe about a year after I started working for Barebones Workwear, so I was pretty knowledgeable of my job. I feel confident enough to say that I knew my stuff.   I started watching the show pretty much on a friend’s recommendation and well…


I mean, come on.  Who wouldn’t sit through a few episodes with the promise of that  thrown at them.  Really, I’m only human.

Ah, veering back on point, I am sitting up late one night marathoning the first season of the show when something strikes the recognition center of my brain.  Is that..


Carhartt J25 Carhartt Jacket, sadly no longer available, but very close to the J131

Is that a Carhartt jacket Sam is wearing?  Oh my god, it is, I can see the logo on the pocket.  What’s worse, I know  what model of jacket it is, just by seeing it on his lanky frame.  I have become so immersed in my job that I can identify a J25 Carhartt jacket (replaced now by the similar J131 Sandstone Jacket) on sight alone.  Worse yet, I know that it’s Marsh colored!  Oh, what has become of my life?!

But it doesn’t stop there.  This show is like a walking, talking advertisement for workwear… Carhartt, specifically.  It’s like a family disease.

Cute-in-his-Carhartt www3.images.coolspotterscom_1

Dean, is that a J14 Sandstone Santa Fe you’re wearing there?

Even Daddy there is wearing a Carhartt coat.  I guess durable sandstone cotton is an essential part of hunting ghosts and goblins.  Huh. Well, that got me to thinking, what else Carhartt or other apparel is needed in the fight against things that go bump in the night.  Thus, I present for your viewing pleasure, the Supernatural Hunter’s Apparel Guide.

First step, you have to start off with a comfortable shirt.  If you are going to be running around, chasing down zombies and werewolves, it’s not gonna be in no stiff collared starched shirt.   No, I think we should go with a page from Dean here;


Carhartt 100005 Lightweight Thermal Henley should do the trick

And start off with a Henley.  Lesse,  the Carhartt 100005 Lightweight thermal Henley should do the trick.  It’s soft, it’s maneuverable, and it makes for a great extra warmth layer when you spend the night staking out a graveyard waiting for the dead to rise.

Of course after that, you gotta have your layering top shirt.  Like Sam there, or Dean here,

carhartt-s144-mens-long-sleeve-work-wash-twill-shirt-and-supernatural-gallery carhartt-s144-mens-long-sleeve-work-wash-twill-shirt-and-supernatural-gallery (1)

in his Carhartt Long Sleeve Trade Work shirt.  But really, if you want to be on the Winchester team, every fan will tell you

It’s Got To Be Plaid

tumblr_mhuu0t49801r82muqo3_250 farm9.staticflickrcom tumblr_mmf34fGTqY1rstq9ro4_r1_250

These boys wear so much plaid, you would think they are loggers, not experts on all things deadly.

Speaking of loggers, you can’t be running around in the muck of a graveyard or creeping through the abandoned ruins of a haunted house in a pair of Converse.  They’d never hold.


Rocky Gore-tex 8” Great Oak logger boots, perfect for stomping a Trickster’s backside.

Nope.  Apparently the boys prefer a good, heavy-duty pair of Rocky Logger Boots.  Ok, so not Carhartt, but hey you never know, they could have gone with the Carhartt CML8250 8″ Logger boots.


Carhartt Boots CML8250 Men’s 8-in Work Safety Toe Boot Logger Camel Brown- Gotta have that safety toe for when you have to kick down some doors.

Alright, well except for the shotguns loaded with Salt Rounds, I think we are ready to go hunt us some monsters!  Well.. that and I’m scared of the dark (o_O).  Eeep.


Image sources: tumblr.com; i1107.photobucket.com; www3.images.coolspotters.com


Christine Lampasona

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