Happy Thanksgiving! We Are Thankful for You!



This year has been a good one for us at BareBones WorkWear. We are thankful for our hardworking staff who keep the idea of BareBones WorkWear alive. From our store front staff to our chiefs, every person is of value to us and we could not have gotten where we are today if it wasn’t for our team. We also would not be where we are if it wasn’t for you! Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to BareBones WorkWear and we will continue to provide the best for our customers.

Here is some of what our staff is thankful for:

I am thankful for our customers, kick ass staff, vendors, Barey Bones and everyone associated with BareBones in the US and the world. I am thankful we are civilized enough to rest and party with out families and friends on Thanksgiving.
- Stu, Chief Executive Officer



I am thankful for monkeys, ninjas, banjos, bagpipes, chocolate, soft t-shirts, electric blankets, nice fitting hats, Squirt soda, sunsets, warm water, hand-written cards, and friends and family.
- Mason, Chief Operations Officer

Thankful for the team who makes BareBones what it is, BareBones.
- Steve, Chief Information Officer

I am thankful for working at a place I believe in and a place where I can grow and to have two awesome kids who challenge me daily…who not only add to the daily stress of being a parent, but who’s one silly look, kiss, or hug can alter my entire day.
- Jesse, Retail Operations

Thankful for having the best team, Vang and Kevin G and all their hard work.
- Steve, Warehouse Supervisor

I am thankful for my husband, my family and my dog, Poppy.
- Candice, Graphic Designer

Thankful for family, friends and the good ol’ USA.
- Pierce, Store Manager

Thankful for my full time job, family and sanity.
- Mike, Content Writer

Thankful for my awesome job, my fellow employees as well as my daughters, my wife, and of course….my pit bull Kharma Lee Holyfield.
- Andy, Store Manager

Thankful for my kids.
- Israel, Embroidery

Thankful to have a job doing what I love, my amazing boyfriend and my wonderful family.
- Jill, Content Writer




Thankful for my amazing future husband and our wonderful dog children. Professionally, I am thankful that I work in a fun environment and that I have bosses that I actually like.
- Kimberly, Store Manager

 Thankful for my awesome coworkers, my managers, and the awesome owners  Mason and Stu. My fiancé and my Meow-meow.
- Kristen, Store Team

Thankful for family, friends, water and yoga!
-Mary Alice, Content Writer

Thankful for my wonderful family.
- Melissa, Customer Service

Thankful for my girlfriend.
- Michael, Store Team

Thankful for Feminism.
- Cat, Content Writer

Thankful for this new job, my kids and friends.
- Janelle, Customer Service

Thankful for my friends who are on the same wave length as me.
- Lindsey, Content Writer

Thankful for BareBones, full time work and my kids.
- John, Controller



Thankful for my dad’s health and my expanding family.
- Sarah, Administrative Assistant

Thankful for Kimberly and my daughter. I’m also thankful for my manager Jesse.
- Shawna, Store Team

Thankful for BareBones and our customers.
- Jordan, Customer Service Manager

Thankful for my kids and Ariat Boots.
- Brandy, Customer Service

Thankful for my wife.
- Jake, Shipping Team

Thankful for my kittens.
- Hillary, Ordering/Customer Service




Thankful for my wife and my kids.
-Tom, Warehouse/Production Manager

Thankful for my job and my family.
- Nikki, Accounts Specialist

Thankful for modern medicine and all the lives it has saved. 
-Doug, Ecommerce/Content Supervisor

Thankful for my pup and my husband for keeping me sane.
- Lisa, Content Writer

Thankful for my job and my co workers.
Quinn, Store Team

Thankful for my job and my kids.
- Cedrick, Shipping Team

Thankful for a day off!
- Charles, Content Writer

Thankful for all of my blessings.
- Amy, Ordering

Thankful to have a full time job and the joy that is thrift-ing.
- Manda, Content Writer

Thankful for a stable job and able to provide for my kids.
- Justin, Customer Service

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill Tustin

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