Holiday Gifts for Guys Under $50! (+1 More!)

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You better watch out! Barey Bones is Coming to Town!

The holidays are approaching fast, and if you’re anything like me (and perhaps a good portion of the population), you are NOT prepared!  You most likely have some folks on your shopping list that you are simply scratching your head over.  Well, don’t fret, because if you’re looking for the perfect gift to satisfy the men in your life, BareBones WorkWear is your one-stop holiday shopping solution!  Whether it be your significant other, quirky family member, or just a great friend, we here at BareBones have compiled a short list of great gifts under $50 that are sure to make your guys’ holiday a memorable one.


No more defaulting to the ol’ gift card! Take a tip from us and make that guy come alive with joy this holiday!

BareBones has a host of amazing products for anyone interested in safety, tried-and-true workplace apparel, or even the outdoor lifestyle; but, what about those guys that aren’t so rugged or into the outdoors?  No worries, the HL5 Adult’s LED Headlamp by Coast is sure to capture the heart of almost any man.  Because if there’s one thing guys can’t get enough of, it’s cool toys like this!  LED lights mean the HL5 sports an extended battery life and low energy consumption during use.  The 175 lumen output is equivilent to a 25W incandescent bulb and can output up to 56 meters (or about 180 feet if you’re living state-side).  The adjustable head strap can fit any noggin, big or small, and the hinged beam adjustment allows your guy to shine his light wherever he please.  Great for changing the oil on his old jalopy, midnight gardening, or just relaxing at night with a good book, the HL5 is ready for use in any situation; plus, being backed by Coast’s lifetime guarantee against material or workmanship defects, you know it will last far beyond the life of that first battery (which should be… quite a while).  Priced at only $19.97, these babies are sure to please not only that guy on your list, but your pocket-book as well.

HL5 Adult's LED Headlamp by Coast

Let there be LIGHT!

Don’t look much further, because just a hop, skip, and a click away from that HL5 is the 71576 Adult’s Slip-Thru Fob Watch from DakotaWatch.  Do you like to stuff stockings but can never find just the right gift?  Well put a clock in that sock this year!  This pocket-watch-esque timepiece features water resistance up to 165 feet and a lightweight translucent plastic case, great for scuba-divers or that Olympic swimmer in your family.  The silicone jelly slip-through fob is great for holding it onto your belt loop or even the pull-up bar at the gym.  The stainless steel case-back will give your guy the confidence of solid craftsmanship, and the rotating click ET ring with luminescent hands gives this gem of a gift even more versatility.  Add onto all that the Japanese quartz movement for some of the most accurate timekeeping in the world, and you can’t miss with this!  Don’t suffer in the agony of not knowing what to buy, put the DakotaWatch 71576 Adult’s Slip-Thru Fob Watch to work, and watch that guy’s face light up this holiday season; and all for less than $25! (actual price $22.97 +s/h)

71576 Slip-Thru Fob Watch by DakotaWatch

What time is it? Dunno, lemme check my amazing watch!

Nifty toys like the HL5 and the Fob Watch are great, but let’s face it: some guys just don’t need any more toys.  Perhaps the guy on your list spends a bit too much time with those tech toys and he could use a shower.  Are you trying to add a little class to your man’s world?  Maybe that guy on your list is a bit rough around the edges for one reason or another?  Well nothing classes things up like… A BOW-TIE! That’s right, I said a freakin’ BOW-TIE! Don’t let this whole workwear facade fool you: class is not something we are lacking here at BareBones, and this perfect holiday gift is a testament to that!  The 7XT0 Men’s Bow Tie by Linden Grey has a look that says it all.  With a fully adjustable fit, traditional bow-tie styling, and 100% Polyester faille, the men on your holiday shopping list will no longer have an excuse for wearing their flannel shirt to the executive dinner party or a concert tee to your cousin’s wedding last spring.  Don’t be afraid of the incredible power this bow-tie possesses.  Scientists have probed the facets of nature for years without finding an equivalent to the raw sophistication and style a bow-tie imbues upon its wearer.  Seriously, it’s like the damn spider-silk of clothing: none can explain it, none can duplicate or rival its power and strength.  And, with a price tag of only $3.99, why would you ever let the opportunity pass you by?

7XT0 Men's Bow Tie by Linden Grey

Add some class to any outfit, but try not to get a pretentious attitude as well ;)


Dr. Who?

C’mon, don’t deny this guy looks freakin’ classy!

Is the guy on your list handy?  Maybe he’s a handyman just starting out, or just an older fella with a taste for nostalgia.  Tech toys and bow-ties, they’ve seen all the quirky cool holiday gifts.  So this year take ‘em back a step or two with the 100822 Adult’s Legacy Tool Roll from Carhartt Bags.  This classic tool bag will certainly bring a gleam to that guy’s eyes, and almost certainly bring a smile to his face.  With 18 nicely-sized pockets and a quick dual-side release buckle, he’ll be able to show off his tools AND brag about how amazing you are for giving him such a kick-ass, thoughtful, and heart-warming gift!  With a reasonable size of 26″x13″ your guy can take it with him almost anywhere, heck, it may even fit in the back pocket of his overalls!  Time machines are still in the experimental stage, and, let’s be honest, they’re just too expensive; so, don’t break the bank or get vaporized by an experimental Pegasus device trying to bring your guy sentiments from the past this holiday season; instead, just shell out the $32 for the 100822 Adult’s Legacy Tool Roll from Carhartt Bags.  For reals… don’t try the time machine thing.

100822 Adult's Legacy Tool Roll by Carhartt Bags

For the nostalgic tool-lover on your list: a place for everything and everything in its place


The Journeyman Project - Pegasus Device

Yea… I think the tool bag is a bit less risky… and totally less frightening

Don’t forget those chefs on the list.  And how could you, right?  With all the delicious meals (and maybe some of the not so delicious ones, too) they’ve given you in the past it’s hard to imagine there could be something under $50 that would show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to food.  You know BareBones Workwear has what you need, so stop wondering and click over to the HP60 Adult’s Chef Hat from Chef Designs.  What better way to show him he really is the master cook in your life than with the classic symbol of culinary prowess.  This timeless head-wear is made from a comfortable cotton/polyester blend and comes in four colors to fit mister chef’s personality.  Plus, the adjustable back hook-and-loop is sure to fit any sized head, even after his grows a size or two from the confidence this hat will inspire.  No one could offer you such a memorable moment this holiday season for less: this hat is only $5.99!  You’ve tasted enough of his meals to know he’s ready for the hat, so just crown him king of the kitchen already and sit back awaiting a holiday meal full of love... and confidence…

HP60 Adult's Chef Hat by Chef Designs

Give the gift of confidence and prowess! The key piece of any chef’s wardrobe

All these great gifts, and nothing really that could appeal to everyone?  The bow-tie?  Okay, no, you don’t think the bow-tie was universally awesome, I can tell just by the look in your eye.  Well, don’t worry too much.  We were prepared for this.  Check out the 1910701 Men’s Shield Hooded Sweatshirt by CAT Apparel.  The standard hoodie makes a strong gift for any guy.  When old-man Winter starts creeping in, that guy on your shopping list will be thanking you for this great piece of outerwear.  The two-sided Shield Fleece has a fast drying outer layer and a brushed microfleece interior to keep that body heat where it matters: in his body!  The adjustable 3-piece hood with inside drawcord will keep his head dry, while the front handwarmer pockets and hidden cell phone pocket with securing hook and loop are sure to keep everything else free from the elements.  No guy will look down on this gift, certainly not those students on your list freezing their college-butts off in the dorms or in their tiny studio apartments.  Warmth and happiness go together well, and BareBones Workwear has them both ready to go for you in the 1910701 Men’s Shield Hooded Sweatshirt from CAT Apparel.  You know the adage: two birds and so on, well this here’s the stone, and it’ll only cost you $48.99 to let it fly!

1910701 Men's Shield Hooded Sweatshirt by CAT Apparel

Shield him from the elements with the CAT Apparel Shield!

Warmth.  In winter it’s hard to come by, and the sweatshirt can only do so much; so, why not cover the rest of your man’s body with something just as comfy and warm?  Enter the F2322 Adult’s Merino Comfort Hiker Socks by Wigwam.  Never mind that these socks have ‘comfort’ right in the name, they are made from genuine Merino wool to make sure your man’s toes stay toe-sty.  With a mid-shin design, stretch nylon AND elastic, these socks are made to give his feet a big Barey Bones bear-hug.  These socks are well worth the $12.99, and they are made to last.  No longer are the days of thin and unforgiving tube socks.  The era of the Wigwam F2322 Adult’s Merino Comfort Hiker Sock has begun.  Let your guy’s feet be embraced by the softness and joy of the F2322, and, heck, why not get some for yourself while you’re at it!

F2322 Adult's Merino Comfort Hiker Sock by Wigwam

Give his feet a nice, big, comfy, Barey Bones bear-hug!

There’s more?  Of course there’s more!  This is BareBones Workwear, people; we’ve got the stash that make smiles flash!  And what a better way than a place to keep his cash!  The SMW-1 Adult’s Waterproof Wallet by STORMTECH may not rhyme with anything exciting, but it’s up to the challenge of keeping your guy’s important stuff dry and secure.  Made from reinforced PVC fabric and fully lined, this wallet is a weather-reporter’s best friend.  Stuck in a snowstorm doing news coverage?  Or maybe your man tempts fate on a fishing vessel in the high seas; no more worrying about him losing his house keys in the catch, or dropping that love-note you wrote him just before he went on-air.  The SMW-1 has a note pocket, card compartment for all those frequent-coffee-drinker cards, and even a key clip to make sure he can get home and relax without too much worry.  The Velcro closure safeguards against any mishap that might cause his money to catch the air and flitter off, and the unbelievable price of only $9.99 will keep most of the money in your wallet, too! Just a click away is the security and happiness of the SMW-1 Adult’s Waterproof Wallet by STORMTECH.

SMW-1 Adult's WP Wallet by STORMTECH

Keep your valued cash and cards dry in this waterproof wallet!

Well, we’ve finally reached the end of this list… are you quite prepared to tackle that list of guys now?  If you’ve still got someone on that list who just has everything, and you can’t figure out what to give them, here’s something they probably don’t have: the GB170 Men’s 1.5-inch Carbon Fiber Belt by Georgia.  Oh, I said it: a carbon-fiber belt!  It’s a safe bet that that guy on your list who has just about everything does NOT have one of these!  Okay… so it’s not actually made of carbon fiber, that would be astronomically expensive, but this belt is made with a carbon fiber pattern on the plasticized leather.  It also features a removable antique silver tone roller buckle for those guys who are into personalizing their belts.  Okay, so not as mind-blowing as I led you to believe, but still a great gift for the guy who has just about everything.  Make sure all his cracks are covered, and don’t go broke doing it!  This sweet piece of Georgia-wear is only $29.99, and it even comes in a Duct Tape equivalent!  That’s right, if carbon fiber doesn’t tickle his fancy, maybe duct tape will!  The GB179 has all the same outstanding qualities of the GB170, just in a duct-tape-esque appearance.  With only weeks until the holiday gift-giving season begins, you should now be fully equipped to tackle even the meanest, longest, most mall-defying list of guys.

GB170 Men's 1.5-in Carbon Fiber Belt by Georgia

A CARBON FIBER BELT!? Not really… but it looks like carbon fiber :)


GB179 Men's 1.5-in Duct Tape Belt by Georgia

A DUCT TAPE BELT, TOO!? Now you’re just messing with me! Yea… we are a bit ;P


With this list of stuff, you should have no problems crossing those mysterious and hard-to-shop-for guys off of your list… and if you can’t… well, just browse around the BareBones Workwear website and you’re sure to find something to fit both your needs and your budget.  AND REMEMBER: BareBones WorkWear offers FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75!!  So shop away and stack those orders to save on shipping!




In case you’re looking to go all out this holiday season and get the special guy on your list something equally as special as he, BareBones Workwear went and thought of that, too.  Enter the BareBones Workwear Carhartt 125th Anniversary Gift Pack!  This is a Carhartt Lover’s Dream Come True!  Your man will receive a new Carhartt EXCLUSIVE, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN gift every month for six months starting January 2014.  Carhartt is celebrating 125 years of business by releasing limited edition items in the new year; and, after a one-time purchase, we will send the Carhartt lover or lovers in your life a limited edition Carhartt gift every month for the first six months of the year!  Items include clothing, accessories and more!  Could a gift be more outstanding?!  This is the gift that gives and gives, and gives… and gives!!!  You can be assured that these gift packs will absolutely run out and may never be seen again, so now is the time.  If you buy before December 18th, you will even save an additional 10% off the already low price of $189.00!  Don’t regret not acting before the holiday craziness.  Ready, Go!  WARNING: THIS GIFT MAY CAUSE EXTREME HAPPINESS, BIG HUGS AND OTHER SIGNS OF AFFECTION!!! YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!

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