House-work? Honey-do list? Then You’d Better Keep Reading!

Here you are, trying to learn more about workwear, and here we are, dishing it out:

And, what if, for you, work means dishing things out at home? Building that man-cave, repaving the driveway, or maybe just cleaning? Are you cooking up a delicious and savory beef stew with veggies from your backyard garden, a perfectly cooked, rich, and smooth risotto, or maybe that decadent red velvet cake? Whatever it is you’re working on at home, Barebones Workwear has something for you too! That’s right, we ain’t just catering  to the hammer-swinging, rock-climbing, firefighting masses. You right here; at the forefront of our thoughts!

So what is it you really need when you’re at home cooking up a frenzy, putting together that jigsaw furniture, or harvesting those vegetables to put in your next dish? You definitely want some good comfy pants, because you’re gonna be moving around a lot: Uncommon Threads 4005C Adult’s Baggy Chef Pants are just what you need. With the updated elastic waist and generous, full, modern leg cut, these pants are designed to move with you, and not get all sqeeze-y when you squat down to pick that tomato, bend over to pick up the spoon or reach to grab the screwdriver that slipped from your hand (just remember to wash that spoon… and your hands!). They even feature two side pockets and a full rear pocket for anything extra you might need to have with you and the poly-cotton blend is sure to keep you comfy inside and out.

4005C Adult's Baggy Chef Pant 2-inch by Uncommon Threads

Don’t try to deny these pants look uber-comfy!

The elastic pants are nice, and they look like something you could wear around the house or in the garden, but what if you need something more rugged? Something for digging ditches, tilling soil or running cable in your attic. The Propper F520112 Adult’s Battle Dress Uniform Trousers are probably what you want. Sewn to military specs, these pants are made to stand up to almost anything! With reinforced seat and knees you won’t need to worry about ruining these babies when you crawl around upstairs or fall on your ass trying to pull up those stubborn weeds invading your garden from the vacant property next-door. The six pocket design is certainly a plus, as well as a durable drawstring leg closure to make sure no nasty little critters crawl up your ankles. Face it, these pants make your other work pants seem like an old rag in comparison.

F520112 Adult's Battle Dress Uniform Trouser Button Fly by Propper

Rugged and functional, plus plenty of pockets!

Pants. Check. Now, what about a kick-ass working shirt just so you don’t muss that Veruca Salt concert tee any more than it already is (you’ve had it for twelve years, don’t pretend it’s not ready to blow away like dandelion spores every time you put it on). Check out the Fruit of the Loom HD6 Men’s Lofteez 100% Cotton Tee! Classic, simple, and the 100% breathable cotton is sure to make your work hours more bear-able. The tagless design increases comfort even more by reducing irritation during whatever you’re doing. No more stupid tag sticking out or tickling your neck while you’re hauling firewood or vacuuming under the couch. And don’t let the title fool you, we all know T-shirts are gender-neutral, so stop being picky about nomenclature. This shirt comes in seemingly any color, so that’s likely to be your most difficult decision outside of size; but, its pre-shrunk, so there’s no stressing about if it’ll fit the same next time it comes out of the wash! Always a plus in my book.

HD6 Men's Lofteez HD 100% Cotton T Shirt by Fruit of the Loom

Classic tee, totally not just for men!

If the standard, classic tee isn’t something you’re looking for, jump right into the Red Kap SD20 Adult’s Wrangler Denim Shirt. This gem not only has Wrangler’s solid reputation behind it, it’s freaking denim, so you know it will hold up against the most demanding of tasks. Are you gonna pour some new asphalt on your driveway? Maybe you need to build a planter box for that new herb garden you’ve been planning? Well the button-down collar will keep you free from anything that splatters or spills, and the button-close chest pocket is strong enough for just about anything and it features an extra compartment for your pens or pencils; don’t forget: measure twice, cut once!

SD20 Adult's S/S Wrangler Denim Shirt by Red Kap

Wrangler makes shirts? Oh snap!

Work around the house can be just as, or even more demanding, than any actual job out there in the ‘real’ world, but don’t let it get the best of your apparel! Barebones Workwear is ready and willing to keep you comfy and prepared for any and all activities, just try and stump us! Oh, yea, you can also get FREE SHIPPING if you order more than 75 bucks worth of stuff; so, yea, you should totally get on that, like, now!

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