New Year’s Resolutions That Rock the Job Site


Every New Year’s Eve, we make resolutions to be healthier, accomplish goals, or do something we have never done before. Nine times out of ten we never fulfill, achieve, or keep a resolution. Maybe it’s because those resolutions are so overdone.  If you don’t want to make the cliche’ resolutions this year, here are some resolutions that rock the job site and are easy to keep!

Resolution #1: Work Smarter Not Harder

You like your limbs right? Yeah of course we all do, so you definitely don’t want to lose one while your working! In this brand new year, stop going through the motions at work (when you’re most likely to get hurt).  If you’re working on auto pilot, you probably aren’t noticing the hazards all around you. That’s why we think a great resolution for you would be to Work Smarter, Not Harder! Just remember stay aware, stay alert and wear the proper work wear to keep you safe. Then you won’t over work yourself , make careless mistakes or lose a limb!



Architect’s teamwork

Alright, you excited? You should be! Let’s keep you safe on the job! Start by not getting hit by falling objects with the MSA Full Brim Hard Hat.  Keeping your noggin safe should be top priority (ehhh?). You don’t want to be walking around then get lights out with a flying brick! Working with electrical wires is obviously a hazard in itself. Keep your eyes from sparks with the  Radians Safety Glasses. Don’t worry about sparks thanks to the polycarbonate lens which provides impact resistance and 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays. A two in one, score! Lastly, if you’re in a field of work where you are working on the side of the road, in heavy construction or with construction equipment, you want to make sure you are seen and how could you not been seen in the Occunomix Safety Vest! High visibility safety rated vest is bright orange so you can be seen during the day and mirror stripes for visibility at night. Being the safe guy is way cooler then being the cool guy who gets hurt, just sayin.




Resolution #2: Take Care of Your Feet

Every morning you wake up and put your run down boots on and think, “Today I won’t get hurt!” Then you jumped from a high level and twisted your ankle (score). How are you gonna work now? Since you’ve probably got a limited number of sick days, why don’t you do yourself a favor and start taking better care of your feet. I mean, you’ve only got the two and no spare!

digging in pile of topsoil




Start this New Year by taking care of the part of your body that gets the most wear and tear, your feet! Keep your feet safe with a brand new pair of boots, yes you need them! The Timberland Helix is made for working on your feet for long hours. It reinforces your arches, protects your ankles and has a safety alloy toe for any kind of slip up (we’re human and let’s face it, it happens). Now you can get back to putting up the drywall, directing traffic or laying a foundation without worrying about watching where you step. What is a good boot without a good sock? Stop wearing those tiny ankle socks like you were back in 2013. It’s time to wear real work socks like the Lacrosse Crew Sock in Grey! The merino wool material is warm yet lightweight to give you some breath-ability for those intense projects. If you find your boots are starting to come to the end of their life, it may be time to get new insoles. If you are constantly up and down all day, the Shock Absorption Insole from SUPERFEET may be just what you need. You can find many other insoles from SUPER FEET that will help your feet feel more supported. Your productivity level go through the roof! (Bonus!)




Resolution #3: Play Hard on the Weekends

Since you work hard during the week, this year’s resolution should be to play hard on the weekends! Working hard can get old if you don’t get out there on your days off and enjoy life. This year, we challenge you to get outside on the weekends and start discover what adventures you can find, then you can come back to work refreshed and rejuvenated. Thanks mother nature!

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Hiking is awesome when you don’t have to worry about rolling your ankle. Take on the advanced hike with the Keen Targhee II Mid Boot. You’ll definitely get a grip on those steep hills and stay dry when you cross a stream or two. When you sweat, it’s a good thing but not so much when it starts to dry and you start to shiver. Get a  good moisture wicking shirt like the Augusta Sportswear Apex Crew and the sweat won’t give you the chills. Obviously you need to stay warm and be able to move up the mountain, so get a flexible pant like the STORMTECH Squall Lightweight Pant which will give you waterproof protection and the movement you need to jump from rock to rock.  Now there’s no mountain you can’t conquer!





Happy New Year from BareBones WorkWear and here’s to all of us keeping our New Year’s Resolutions! Cheers!

Jill Tustin

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