How to Winterize Your Boots

Winter is coming… well actually it’s already here and you still have to go to work. No matter what temperature it is outside, you still have to get the job done and avoid hurting yourself along the way. It’s time to put those breathable summer boots back into your closet and pull out your new winter boots. But wait! You don’t want these brand new boots to die on you halfway through the winter. Winterizing your boots will keep them looking new and lasting for many more winters. Here are a couple handy tips to make your boots last through cold winter work.




Boot Guards:

Wearing your boots in the blistering winds of winter can damage them just like it can blister your skin. If you need to keep your boots from toe water, seepage along the welt, or seam erosion, you’ll want to use a boot guard. A standard boot guard like the Kg Brush On Boot-Guard is a sealant that will seal the leather and create a tough, permanent finish. It will prevent any moisture, mud or any other elements from damaging the finish of the external material. Safe on leather, rubber, vinyl, and even exposed steel. A boot guard is a great way to keep your boots from weathering during the winter months.


Applying a boot guard is as easy as brushing your teeth before bed! Before you apply the boot guard, you must clean your boots and let them dry completely. Once they are ready, simply brush on a first coat and let dry for two hours while you enjoy dinner and relax with your family. Apply a second coat before you go to bed and let dry overnight. Then you’re done! You’re boots will stay in great condition and you don’t have to worry about any cracking, peeling or flaking.

boot guard

Suede and Nubuck Care:

When you got your work boots you thought that the suede nubuck look was cool right? Until the first day out on the site it rained and your boots didn’t look so good anymore. Then you walked to take a survey and a big splash of mud splattered right onto your left toe. Of course your boots are going to get dirty from time to time, but you still want to make them last since they were an investment.


Using a suede and nubuck protectant like the Pecard Nubuck and Suede Protection Spray will keep them lasting longer and you get more bang for your buck! The spray will protect your boots from discoloring, staining and water spotting, which can all happen on the job or on your walk from your car to the job site. Just spray your boots with the protective spray and let sit overnight. Now you have time to think about those deadlines and not about losing money.

suede care


Rain can be your biggest nightmare, especially if you decided to wear your nice expensive boots during a freak rainstorm. If you’re thinking your boots are safe from the rain, think again! They won’t be safe unless you properly waterproof them. And how is that done? With the magic of waterproof spray! Using a waterproof spray like the Grangers G-Max Waterproofer before every winter will act like a shield against any moisture and prevent from staining. Keeping your boots looking like new is a spray away.


When you use a waterproof spray, you want to make sure you get one that is right for your type of boots. The Granger is suitable for all footwear materials including full-grain leather, nubuck, suede and sheepskin. All you do is spray on an even coat on your boots and let sit in a well ventilated area. Once before every winter and you’ll boots will last you for longer than you paid for!


Proper boot care is essential to keeping your boots looking fresh out of the box. The more you take care of them, the longer they are going to last. Plus if you care for them the way they need to be cared for, they will last you longer than what you expected, additionally saving you the time and money that you need for other things. The right boots with the proper care will be a blessing to your job, your feet and your bank account!

Jill Tustin

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