Hug the (Timberland) Trees. Love the Earth(keepers).

So you know how your parents were at Woodstock or maybe some big Vietnam protest and everything was about peace and love? And you totally thought that was cool until you saw a picture of your mom dancing on top of a Volkswagen Bus topless.


We couldn’t find the picture of your mom. Lucky you.


Not so cool.


But these Timberland shoes? Totally cool. Because hippies have evolved since the seventies. Sure, you’ll probably still find someone in a commune dancing topless on top of a Volkswagen Bus, but the good news is, she won’t be your mother.


Or at least we hope so.


The youth of today is concerned about the environment, the earth. We totally get it, man. So just put down the reefer for a sec and let’s talk shoes.


The Timberland Trees will want to make you hug them. And real trees.


We want to introduce you to the Timberland Tree Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Oxfords. They come in a variety of colors, from bright pastels that will have you skipping like springtime to more muted colors that will calm you like that CD you have of whales making…whale noises.


Everyone needs some calming whale sounds every now and then, right?


Colors are awesome and all (hooray selection!), but you know what the best part is? These shoes are totally eco-friendly. Let’s go over the deets. Start off with 100% organic washed cotton canvas uppers and 100% organic cotton laces. Add them up and it’s like 200% organic. That’s more organic than that salad you ate for lunch, dude. It’s simple math. In fact, you could probably eat these shoes. If cotton tasted good, which we’re pretty sure it doesn’t. But that’s cool because they probably look better on your feet than in your stomach.


Just look at those happy little fluff balls of organic-ness. Don’t you want them on your feet?

You want more? Of course you do. How about some leather that won’t make you feel bad? The leather accent pieces on these babies are reclaimed. Bam. Recycled leather totally won’t give you leather guilt. Unless you’re a vegan. In that case, we get it–but don’t you miss cheese?


Seriously, man…this stuff is delicious.

But, dude, there’s totally more. These shoes also feature a natural latex footbed and natural latex siped outsole. What’s natural latex, you ask? We dunno….latex that’s natural? We kinda thought you would already know. But whatever it is, we can assure you that it’s probably very earthy and awesome, so don’t worry about it. Just go with the natural latex flow.


This is legitimately where natural latex comes from. So cool, right?!


Need more convincing? Just scroll down. Look at these babies in all their glory. Imagine wearing that orange pair to Burning Man, the brown ones maybe to Coachella or another of your favorite summer music festivals. Hey, maybe you’ll wear a pair to ComicCon or the Country Music Awards. It’s okay. These shoes let you be yourself, whether you eat organic oranges and tofu or a hamburger from McDonald’s. They’re cool with it. They don’t judge.




Timberland 5844R Men’s Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Oxford Green Washed Canvas


Timberland 5109R Men’s Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Oxford Shoe Brown














Timberland 5845R Men’s Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Oxford Burnt Orange Washed Canvas





Timberland 5110R Men’s Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Oxford Shoe Ox Blue





Timberland 8428R Women’s Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Canvas Oxford Purple Washed


Timberland 8429R Women’s Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Canvas Oxford Navy Washed


Timberland 8430R Women’s Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Canvas Oxford Brown Washed

















Timberland 8431R Women’s Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Canvas Oxford Greige Washed





Image Credit: HubPages, Organic Cotton, the Cheese Store of Cedarhurst, Exporting from Nigeria, CD Universe, Granola Wannabes

Lisa Mabie

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