Made in the USA: All-American Boots

It’s hard to deny–living in America is pretty freakin’ awesome. Sure, there may be some problems with our country, but we have cowboys, guilty pleasure reality shoes, and the best burgers in the entire world (I’d say universe, but you never know–Pluto may have way better burger-flipping skills than even the best of us). What better way to show your love for your country than by buying products made in the good ol’ U-S-of-A. Lucky for you, BareBones WorkWear carries a variety of boots–from cowboy styles to work wear essentials–that will keep your feet comfortable and safe, letting you worry about more important things–like when the next season of The Bachelor will begin.


What’s more American than Miss America?…

…Captain America, of course!


Let’s start off with the ladies (because we all know girls have more fun!).  You can celebrate your American style with the Tony Lama Chocolate boot with Pink Hearts And Scroll. This adorable boot, with its heart details and small heel (that won’t make you fall flat on your face), pairs perfectly with your favorite sundress for an outfit that will turn heads.


Tony Lama 1020L Women’s Choco/Pink Hearts And Scroll 15-inch Boot

Men, show off your vintage American style with White’s Men’s 8-in Vintage Boot. The distressed leather gives this boot a rugged, worked-in feel straight out of the box…no working necessary (I wish I could say that about everything)!


White’s V56508 Men’s 8-in Vintage Boot Distressed


Speaking of work, you’re going to need a good ol’ American boot to wear on the job. The men’s Chippewa 6-Inch Tan boot is just what you need! Featuring a steel safety toe, waterproof construction, and electrical shock resistance, this boot is ready to take on anything your job can throw at it.


Chippewa 25223 Men’s 6-Inch Tan Waterproof Steel Toe

Because the men aren’t the only ones who need a boot that works as hard as they do, Chippewa created the Bay Apache Logger boot for women. A steel toe, insulation, and waterproof construction make this American-made boot one you don’t want to mess with.


Chippewa L26341 Women’s 8-Inch Bay Apache W/P Insulated S/T Logger

There’s nothing more American than hiking (okay, so there are a lot of things more American than that–like cheese–but bear with me here). And everyone who hikes knows that a good boot is critical to getting the most mileage out of your feet. Enter the men’s Danner 6 inch Crater Rim hiking boot, a boot that will keep you comfortable and dry as you hit the trails. Bonus: the steel toe will protect your little piggies (oh yeah, I just went there) just in case the squirrels decide to rebel by launching acorns at your feet.


Danner 37440 Men’s 6 inch Crater Rim Brown

These squirrels probably beat a guy senseless for this piece of pizza. Savages.

There’s an American-made dream boot for the women, too. The Thorogood American Heritage Women’s Sport Hiker has one of those squirrel-defending safety toes, as well as slip resistant and electrical shock resistant construction. Just in case those squirrels fight with more than just acorns.


Thorogood 504-4426 American Heritage Women’s Sport Hiker Safety Toe 6 inch

No matter what your style or need, BareBones WorkWear has the right boot for you, even if you’re looking for that dying breed of American-made boots.


Image credits: Salon, Film Crit Hulk!, Tumblr.com

Lisa Mabie

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