Pacific Rim and Work Wear

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So I saw Pacific Rim. Twice. UM WHAT? YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET? Please, please go immediately. Stop reading this blog and go support that amazing film about working together, forming human bonds, and GIANT ROBOT VS. MONSTER BATTLES.

Anyway, what I wanted to focus on in this blog was the work wear seen in Pacific Rim. The movie’s plot centers upon Earth getting attacked by monsters (kaiju) coming through a portal from deep in the ocean. The human race has developed robots (jaegars) that sync with the human brain and body in order to battle these terrifying creatures. Around the year 2020, we start losing the battle. Soon, the world governments drop support for the jaegar program and, instead, invest their all into building giant walls to protect the cities (um, we’re not protecting ourselves from the Huns, we’re protecting ourselves from GIANT MONSTERS OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION).

So these giant walls, right? Towering hundreds, maybe thousands of feet above the cities. There is a 24-hour effort to get these walls complete before the next devastating kaiju attack. The scenes of wall construction at the beginning of the film were of those in Alaska. Many people were braving those cold, windy, and slippery heights to get the job done (and to obtain food rations). And of course, there were some who perished. Why? Well, for one, maybe they weren’t wearing the appropriate safety apparel and footwear (or maybe they just weren’t maintaining safety standards)!

Here are some great tips from head to toe for what to wear while working construction sites in the cold.

HEAD: Protect that noggin’ so you can keep joggin’ (… because if you mess up your head, you might make a mistake and… well… not be able to run away from a kaiju)


DPG95-1D dpg95-11d MSAV-Gard occunomix-lb600-twill-fr-winter-liner



Pictured above is a fine selection of winter construction head gear that you might find useful. From left to right (top to bottom) is the DeWalt DPG95-1D Framework Glasses Clear One Size, the Radians Inc. DPG95-11D DeWalt Framework Glasses Clear-Anti Fog, the MSA 10012240 V-Gard Full Brim One Size, and the Occunomix Hard Hat Winter Liner. Why these products? I think you know, but let me lay it out for you just in case:

  • Seeing is believing and in order for anyone to believe that you’re doing your job right, they’re gonna need you to have proper protection for your eyes. Both pairs of safety glasses shown above provide high impact protection and are non-slip so you don’t have to worry about fumbling with your glasses and a jackhammer at the same time. The first pair of glasses on the left have a durable adjustable strap to keep your glasses on in high wind areas (gets pretty windy up there… you know what I mean!). The second pair of glasses are anti-fog so you won’t have to worry about wiping (come on dude, you know what I mean!). 
  • If you need me to explain the necessity of a hard hat, then I think you need to not be working in construction sites. Anyway, if you’re looking for more styles of hard hats, we’ve got plenty for you at barebonesworkwear.com!
  • Alright, alright. That image on the right is actually a flame resistant hard hat liner, but it is insulated and designed to protect your head from wind, water, and cold, too. In case you just missed that memo, that means that it’ll serve you well in the winter cold, even if you’re not working with fire and brimstone like the dragon you are deep down inside… but hey, you know… it might come in handy if there’s a fire-breathing kaiju breathing down your neck (disclaimer: none of this safety gear will protect you from their blue acid, sorry).


BODY: All eyes on you, ranger!


48033_yellowI417BD_Front JT30WM


You want people to see the great job you’re doing (especially if you want those food rations. No one wants an empty stomach on a cold night in Alaska), and you also want people to watch the hell out so they don’t end up taking you out with a steel beam. Pictured from left to right  (top to bottom) are the 5.11.48033 3-In-1 Reversible High-Visibility Parka With Fleece Liner, the Berne Apparel I417 Men’s Deluxe Insulated Coverall-Quilt Lined, and the Red Kap JT30 Men’s Enhanced Vis Jacket Charcoal with Orange Visibility Trim. Huh, work wear, what is it good for? Absolutely EVERYTHING why would you even need to ask that

  • The Hi Vis Parka is ANSI III rated (Class 3), aka the highest visibility rating. Maybe it’s not super necessary in JUST cold weather, but if you’re working during a snow storm with no breaks because the fact of the matter is that kaiju’s are going to destroy the city if you don’t finish this wall… well… better safe than sorry! This jacket is also waterproof and has a fleece lining for some warmth (would definitely recommend wearing layers).
  • Speaking of layers, that Enhanced Visibility (EVT) jacket is perfect for wearing underneath your parka in case you move indoors and don’t need the parka so much anymore (it’s a great jacket for working in the ShatterDome). It’s also compatible with Red Kap’s Zip-in/Zip-out Liner (LN30BK) in case you need some extra insulation.
  • Coveralls are just sort of great overall (see what I did there?). This one is insulated for even more warmth when you’re working at the highest of heights, the coldest of cold winds punching you in the gut.


HANDS: Did you see the way Raleigh slid down that steel beam? Obviously construction standards are a little weak in 2020.





Gimme a hand here, will ya?! You’re gonna need windproof, waterproof, basically winterproof gloves to keep those tender but manly fingers functional in freezing conditions. Here’s the Ironclad CCW Men’s Cold Condition WP Work Glove Grey/Black. You can view more man gloves here.

  • This glovely item has neoprene knuckle impact protection and a 3 layer design to keep your hands warm and dry (aka it’s waterproof, windproof, and breathable). Good for up to -20 degree Fahrenheit. 


FOOTWEAR: Let’s put some boots on your boots so that you can do a good job, to boot. Yeah, boots. And other stuff.


bbwkneepad G8315 G9330 yakpro



It’s frosty and he’s not here to sing you Happy Birthday. Ice on metal and concrete calls for some very hazardous slippery situations. PREPARE YOURSELF with (from left to right, top to bottom) the BareBones Workwear Knee Bees Insertable Knee Pads Black One Size, the Georgia G8315 Men’s Hammer Internal Metatarsal CC Steel Toe Boot Greasy BriarGeorgia G9330 Men’s 12-inch WP ST EH PR INS Met-Guard Miner Boot Boot Black, and the Yak Trax ProStrap Black.

  • Get some of our badass knee pads (they’re the bees knees) before you slip and make a hard land onto your precious CAPS (see what I did there, are you seeing it ARE YOU SEEING IT). They’re super cushioned and comfy and easily customized to fit your kneeds (EHHHHHH?)
  • Then lace-up with a great Georgia boot. Pick a boot, any boot! Why these boots specifically? Well, the Hammer Boot is designed not only for comfort and durability, but also full-on protection for your feet with an internal met guard and an oil & slip resistant rubber outsole. In addition to a met guard and oil & slip resistant outsole, the Miner boot also has Electrical Hazard (EH) Protection, 400 grams of thinsulate for ultra insulation, and is waterproof. Their over-the-ankle heights also provide ankle support so you don’t twist anything up in the air.
  • The Yak Trax straps are basically like chains for your truck tires, except for your feet. They add extra traction for those slippery winter situations.


Now that you’re bundled up (well, I guess you could add some scarves, too) and ready to go kick some kaiju butt, don’t forget to look before you leap, stay in the drift, and don’t chase the rabbit!

Sources: Pacific Rim (Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures)

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