Personal Protective GETS PERSONAL

You’re the kind of person who’s into adventure, mystery, and danger. But you’re also the kind of person who’s into playing it safe because you’re not stupid, that phone’s not your dad, and you don’t watch explosions without a stoic expression and safety glasses on because:

  1. safety glasses and stoic expressions make you look cool and
  2. safety glasses protect your eyes so that you can continue to be a cool guy or gal who doesn’t look at explosions.

But safety glasses aren’t the only kind of protective wear that you might need, whether you’re in your garage or at work. There’s also head protection, high visibility apparel, flame resistant apparel, and more. There’s even totally unrelated cats re-enacting me trying to do my job. Enjoy.

So how can you get personal with some personal protective safety wear? Not that you have a vendetta against safety apparel (it just wants to help), but it sounds more dramatic to say that you’re getting personal. With personal protective wear. Yeah. Here’s another cat for sticking around this long.

Get ready for some hardcore, completely not serious marketing. Here’s another cat before we begin. Meow.


Let loose with that pant zipper and blow off some steam!

 Whoa, check out this hot number. The Carhartt FRB194 Flame-Resistant Midweight Canvas Waist , Quilt-Lined Overall is a mouthful of words that make you feel good about yourself and your work ethic. They’re made of 8.5 ounces of FR canvas and 6.75 ounces of FR quilt lining. They have reinforced back pockets because Carhartt’s got your back. And by back, I mean rear. And by rear, I mean a world full of rainbows, glitter, and heavy metal. Beyond that, these FR pants have ankle-to-thigh brass zippers with Nomex zipper tape and self-fabric kick panels at the bottom of the pant legs. Zip those babies open to fit your boots or let off some steam while your pants get hot to keep you cool. Oh, and they’re also NFPA 70E compliant. Bam, here’s another cat for enduring me and my awesomely bad drawings. Yeah I know you jelly.



And here comes the headless hi vis dude wearing the Red Kap SS14OR Unisex L/S Enhanced Vis Work Shirt in Fluorescent Orange (I didn’t have any orange paper, sorry). I’ve mentioned before that my favorite color is orange and that it is a highly under-appreciated color. So it’s time to appreciate it for its sunny outlook and its HEY LOOK AT ME ARE YOU SEEING ME HEY DON’T RUN ME OVER PLEASE OH GOSH attitude. This high visibility shirt has additional reflective striping on the sleeves and body for EVEN MORE visibility (you don’t even have to pay extra because this isn’t TV. It’s the internet), two button-through chest pockets, a pencil stall (like a bathroom stall, but flat on your shirt for your writing utensils), 360 degree visibility, a UPF 40 rating, wickability, and a VISA soil-release finish to prevent those pit stains and more. Yes, MORE. As in more cats, you say?


Let’s just finish off this blog with a cool image of Barey Bones putting on some safety eye wear (no, he doesn’t need to use his hands. Don’t ask questions). Somewhat unrelated, but I recently got myself a pair of Crossfire 2812 Infinity Safety Sunglasses, which are super awesome. Like damn, I am such a pro in these, I can’t even really describe how jealous of me every single person in the world is right now. They are red and black with 99.9% UV protection, along with meeting ANSI Z87+ standards. I don’t really need safety sunglasses to lounge around and write blogs, but I can look at active light bulbs and other fluorescent lights with ease whenever I want. I also sometimes use them as computer glasses because my eyes are weak and frail, much like this wheat thin that I am about to consume. This ends right meow.

Cat Hellxia

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