Reach for the Peaks: Climb Progress

Hello avid climbers! As you remember, BareBones WorkWear sponsored the Reach for the Peaks group on their climb to raise awareness for the Norris Cotton Cancer Foundation. We are happy to report that the hike is going wonderfully and just got our first update from one of the climbers!


“Hi BareBones! We have all arrived in Tanzania now and are anxious to get on the mountain tomorrow. Attached is a picture I took of mount Maru today during a safari we all went on. Unfortunately Kilimanjaro was ┬ácovered in clouds so no pictures of that for now. Tanzania is a beautiful country with friendly people! I will send you more information when I next get the chance. Everyone loves the jackets and hats, thanks so much to BareBones WorkWear”


Jill Tustin

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