Rep your team!

You know it’s the best time of year when the weather outside gets cooler. That means it’s time for some football! Well, football is in full swing already and it’s been an exciting first few weeks. Not just because of the games, no! I’m talking about the fans. Every weekend fans from all over get together to watch the games and eat, drink, and be merry. But then it gets wild! It gets crazy! I’m talkin’ pandemonium! Orderly living rooms turn into dumps in just a few short hours. Parking lots full of tailgaters go all out with barbecues, cold drinks on ice, and music. When they leave, the clean up crew has their hands full. Yep, watching and supporting our favorite team is serious business. It all comes and goes so fast because before you know it…it’s Monday.

Time to go back to work. Win or lose, you daydream all week of that awesome play or curse in your mind over the fumble that let the game slip away. Yes, football consumes us. Even if you are not a fan you can’t help but hear those around you talking about it. Either you, or someone around you enjoys football on some level.

When things are going good for your team, you like to show off your pride and loyalty. You like to remind everyone that the team that just won last week or the team that is playoff bound is YOUR team. It’s time to gear up.


Your commitment to excellence


No fumble here

The hard hat’s with team logos on them are quite popular. As I was driving to a friend’s house last week I ran into some road construction. The guys working on the road and directing traffic each had their own hard hat, with different team logos. Must be an interesting lunch break!

Don’t be left out in the cold this football season. Gear up and rep your team!

Mike LeSueur

It is said that Mike and Barey Bear once dated the same girl at the same time. Barey ultimately won the girl's heart after a fight that left Mike with no arms. Mike now serves as Barey's full time maid, making sure the cave is clean at all times, and the cubs have enough flesh to munch on.

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