Sorely Underprepared

Here I am, in the middle of the beautiful mountainous region of western Washington State.  To my right, Mt. Rainier, to my slightly less and further south right, St. Helens.




I can literally see these both out my window.  Awesome.

Even my own temporary backyard has a stream and forests and hills begging to be explored.  It’s nature at my fingertips and I’m so excited… but all I have to wear are a pair of almost destroyed skater shoes.

Oh so sad!

I can’t go adventuring in these!  I’ll have absolutely no traction, I’ll feel every pebble, every loose rock like it’s a jagged knife in my foot.  And let’s not forget about ticks and fleas and who knows what else will try to get me.

No No, this will not do.  I need something new, something that will protect me and help me traverse this traitorous terrain.  Hehe, alliteration.  To the Shop!


Ok, first step, determining what I need.  I think in this situation, it’s pretty clear that what I’m looking for are some Hiking boots.

Now I’ve got to figure out which ones really suit my situation… hmmm.. oooh those are cute.


And with that furry lining they look so comfy

The Hi-Tec 40805 Park City Sport 200.   Oh, but that’s a little excessive.  I’m not going to be climbing in the snow and the ice at the heights of Mount Rainier, I am just a casual hiker.  Maybe something a bit more like.. maybe this:


I like purple (^__^)

The Hi-Tec 23008 Apollo.  They’re light, but durable, and will keep my feet dry and comfortable as I hike.  Hmmmm, but there is a lot of tall grass out there, and in tall grass means all sorts of ticks and fleas, maybe even some snakes.  Perhaps I should be looking at something with a taller ankle, something I can tuck my pants into, something like this?:


Hey! We still kept the purple! Awesome

The Moxie Trades 50139 Women’s Maggie Lightweight 6-inch Safety Hiker.  This looks like it will suit all my needs and more!

Now, time to strap in, lace up, and get ready for the great outdoors!


Picture Sources: columbiariverimages.com; fc01.deviantart.net


Christine Lampasona

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