Stay Golden…Retriever

Golden Retrievers are totally dogs. You know, the kind that run around, jump all over your guests, eat your napkins when you’re not looking, and wag their tails with such vigor that their entire bodies wag, too.


Golden Retrievers are really just 6 year old kids that have had way too much sugar stuck in a dog’s body.

But they’re not all zoomies and walking safety hazards. They’re pretty cool dogs with some pretty cool tricks up their sleeves (or crazy leg hair). Like balancing things on their heads.


How’s that for good posture?

You’re probably asking yourself now why a work wear blog is writing about dogs. And to that I say, it took you this long to question that?! You should probably pay more attention. But for reals, here’s a super awesome segue to boots!


*Super awesome segue music*


Golden Retrievers are boots, too! What?! Yeah, I know, crazy, huh? CRAZY AWESOME!


Much like the dog, these Golden Retrievers are loyal, comfy, and ready to take on anything you can throw at them (but please don’t throw things at your dogs or your boots). Whether it’s a long hike, a long day of work, or a hunting trip, these boots are man’s new best friend (no offense, dogs)!





Golden Retriever 4767 Men’s Hiking Boots Dark Brown




Golden Retriever 7577 Men’s Full Grain WP Nubuck Leather Hiking Boots Gray

Going for a hike? Take a Golden with you! Right now you’re probably wondering if I’m talking about the dog or the boot, but I’m totally talking about both. You should know this by now. The tall Hiking Boots will protect your ankles. Its full-grain waterproof leather uppers and waterproof breathable membrane will keep your feet dry, even on the messiest of trails. It’s even got 1000 grams of Thinsulate insulation so it’ll feel like your feet are covered in a coat of warm Golden fur! The slip and oil resistant outsoles will keep you on your feet and not on your back. Wish we could say the same thing about the dogs.


Need some extra toe protection? Don’t worry, we know what it’s like to get your toes stepped on by an overexcited Golden Retriever. Try out the Full Grain Waterproof Nubuck Leather Hiking Boots! It’s got the same waterproof protection and slip resistant outsoles as the other boots, with the added protection of a composite safety toe, non-metallic construction, and electrical hazard protection.


Would you rather take this hunting with you?…



…Or this?

Golden Retrievers were originally bred to be your best hunting companion. Well, those pups better step up their game because here comes the Golden Retriever Men’s Hunting Boots! You’ll be able to trek through the mud in these waterproof leather boots and you won’t have to worry about getting cold feet with the 1000 grams of Thinsulate insulation. Your dawgs will stay dry and comfortable in the Dri-Lex footbed cover, and the polyurethane footbed with Aegis Microbe Shield will stop that dirty feet stink. We can’t say the same thing for your dogs. Sorry, dude. They smell kind of gross.


Golden Retriever 9010 Men’s Full Grain WP Leather Logger Boots Red Oak

When it comes to working dogs, few other breeds work as hard as the Golden Retriever. They help people see, find others who have been lost, and give some much-needed cheering up to some who have fallen on hard times. So it only makes sense that this Golden Retriever, the Full Grain Waterproof Leather Logger Boots, will work just as hard at keeping you on your feet while you’re on the job. The waterproof leather and waterproof breathable membrane will keep you dry, the leather welt with heavy midsole will keep them working for years to come, and the oil and slip resistant outsoles will keep you working for years to come. 


While Golden Retriever dogs can provide us with hours of goofy entertainment and years of warmth (want really good insulation? Stick your feet under a sleeping Golden), they don’t make good boots. Believe me, I’ve tried. So get some Goldens for your feet and you’ll never be without the comfort of a Retriever. Seriously, you won’t. Those dogs even try to go to the bathroom with you.


The Golden Retrievers on the label look so dignified….


…this one, not so much

Lisa Mabie

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