Super Fabrics!

People that work in a medical profession are the superheroes that exist outside of comic books. Who needs Clark Kent with his gaudy cape and bulletproof eyeballs when we have you, saving the lives of millions every day!


You trudged through years and years of lectures and tests, and probably at least one stress-induced breakdown to make the world a better place, to help your fellow man. If I could somehow stick my arm through your monitor without giving you a heart attack and breaking the laws of the universe, I would be asking for a High Five right now.

Unfortunately, I cannot. So please, take a second to pat yourself on the back. We can wait.






Now that you’ve been reminded of just how freaking awesome you are, allow me to thank you for all of your hard work by sharing a little of my own knowledge. Ready, set, GO.


So, scrubs, right? They’re like getting to wear pajamas to work, which is the greatest, except that they also look like you’re wearing pajamas to work.


Finding a balance between style and comfort is hard, but with some insight into fabrics and weaves, you will be the envy of your office, rocking runway looks that are both cozy and practical.

Koi Tops

Koi Medical Fashion Scrub Tops


Cotton is great for scrubs because it is durable and breathes well while remaining bright. It’s extra comfy, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic. The only downside to cotton is that it shrinks in the wash and needs ironing occasionally.


Polyester is also a good choice because it is durable, doesn’t shrink in the wash, keeps its shape, and dries quickly. There are a few more downsides to this material than cotton, however. Aside from absorbing oils easily, it also has a tendency to pill and tear, and will lose its vibrancy before its cotton counterpart would.


Rayon is the most eye-catching of the three. It is soft and vibrant without absorbing static, but harder to maintain. It rips easily, fades and pills, shrinks in the wash, and creates static electricity. If fashion is your top priority, we are right with you there, but be aware of that style has its drawbacks.


Cotton/Polyester is the best of both worlds. It is lightweight and washes without losing shape or needing frequent ironing. You’re sure to look your professional best with this blend but be cautious about this garment pilling.


Polyester/Rayon is durable and keeps shape. It’s another contender for the more fashionable scrubs, but still has poor resiliency compared to the other fabrics.


Spandex/Lycra is fantastic if you worry about stretching out your gear. It can stretch up to seven times its original shape and still bounce back unaltered. This blend is going to be on your wishlist if you enjoy a more fitted look. It’s lightweight without losing durability and is resistant to oils and sweat. The only downside is that you’ve gotta air or tumble dry it and that it doesn’t breathe as well as the other materials listed above.


Pro-tip: To remove pilling from a garment, gently shave it with a razor just like you would your legs or face.

Carhartt C10001 Adult's V-Neck One-Pocket Scrub

Carhartt C10001 Adult’s V-Neck One-Pocket Scrub (Cotton/Polyester Blend)

Cotton Weaves

A Plain Weave is the basic over-under weave. It is the most affordable and can be easily printed on.


Twill is a diagonal weave that drapes well, makes stains less noticeable, and is quite durable.


Sateen is created by weaving four threads over and one under. It is smooth and soft to the touch, but not as durable as twill.


A Brushed weave is extraordinarily smooth and soft. It is made to be extra silky, but loses some of its strength in the process.


A Dobby weave is composed of dimensional stripes or dots in a patterned weave produced by a loom. It gives your garb a little texture and some dimension to the patterns printed on it.


That’s it. Less painful than a three hour lab, don’t you think?¬†And you didn’t even have to put on deodorant and fight campus parking either!

Anyway, this tidbit of info doesn’t come anywhere close in matching what you do for people, but I swear, it is totally going to come in handy the next time you’re shopping for new work duds.

Lindsey White

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