Surrender the Booties!

Band ‘o pirates be all ’bout th’ lovely booty–‘n no one in th’ seven seas has better booty than BareBones WorkWear!



No, not that lovely booty! Treasure be nice, but we’re shoutin’ ’bout th’ booties ye wear on ye feet! Made fer comfort ‘n flair, thar’s nothin’ better than slippin’ ye feet into a pair ‘o stylish booties! Yarr!


Do ye scurvy pirate lootin’ in style wit’ these Smoky Mountain Women’s Chico Stud Boots. These booties have leather uppers, man-made linin’, a western heel, ‘n a buccaneerin‘ buckle across th’ top ‘o th’ ankle. They’ve also got studs all over th’ leather uppers to show them other band ‘o pirates ye take ye treasure seriously.
Th’ CAT Footwear Women’s Rita Boot in Brown has canvas linin‘, a leather sock liner, ‘n leather outsoles. Ye won’t be in Davy Jones’ treasure chest wit’ these booties!
D84068Be ye th’ kind ‘o lass who kicks butt like thar’s no to’morrow? ye need th’ Harley Davidson Women’s Sadie Fold Down wit’ Side Buckle Boot. All ye sea rovers knows that band ‘o pirates love buckles, ‘n wit’ full grain leather uppers ‘n full length cushioned sock liners, ye’ll have th’ style ‘o a scurvy pirate wit’ th’ comfort ‘o home. ‘n wit’ th’ wrapped heel, ye’ll be th’ most badass lass around.
Ye can’t be a buccaneerin’ lass without some tassels! Th’ Dingo Women’s Sassie Boot has a round toe, composition outsoles, a tall heel, ‘n rivets ‘n side tassels to make ye th’ most fashionable marauder in th’ seven seas.
It dont matter if ye’re a scurvy pirate, sea monster, or just a fashionable lass, all ye would look jolly in a comfy pair ‘o booties!
Image Credit: Scary For Kids

Lisa Mabie

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