Costume Idea #4: Minions!

Aren't they so cute???

Life's a Minion
Are you looking for an awesome costume for your kids this year? I have an idea for you...and it will cost you 5 bucks! No just kidding--I like you so I'll give it to you for free! Its


Cool Threads

Barey Bones

We all have that one friend. That friend who just oozes cool-ness. When he or she walks by, you hear downtown jazz music with a snare, a snap, and a crack!
Barey Bones' friend Stogi was that bear


Zombie Slaying Gear


The upcoming movie This Is The End has us at BareBones WorkWear thinking about the end of the world. And it probably involves zombies. To be clear, we're not talking about those Monday morning zombies


Lock and Load: National Police Week

Time to lock and load because its National Police Week! What better way to honor our men and women in uniform then by showing off their skills in the 5.11 Tactical Gear! Not only was the SWAT Teams that captured the Boston Bombers fully decked in 5.11, but 5.11 Tactical Gear is becoming more popular among our country’s police officers. Check out our Instgram pic’s of some of the best 5.11 gear along with officers in action!







To protect and to serve, the best way to honor a police officer is to thank them! Thank them for putting themselves in danger to protect us. If you are a bad-ass cop that only wants the top gear, check out our selection of 5.11 Tactical Uniforms to complete any mission! Happy National Police Week!

5.11.58631 LBE Vest

5.11.58631 LBE Vest


5.11.74252 GSA Tactical Pants

5.11.74252 GSA Tactical Pants


5.11.48130 5.11 Torrent Jacket

5.11.48130 5.11 Torrent Jacket


5.11.53152 ATAC R3Mc Flashlight

5.11.53152 ATAC R3Mc Flashlight




20% Off All 5.11 Tactical Gear 5/11-5/12

Roger That! For two days only, we are having a 20% Off Promo of all 5.11 Tactical Gear from May11th-May12th! Get the best in tactical gear from shirts to pants, gloves to holsters; we got everything  you need to be a modern day hero! Visit our website or go into one of our BarBones Stores to get your 5.11 Deal today!!




Dad Tells Tale of 5.11



My dad Bill was über excited when he found out I started working at BareBones. Coming from a guy who does not get excited by much, I was intrigued.


He was downright giddy when he bounded upstairs and came back down with several garments. I was about to be schooled in 5.11 tactical gear.



With boyish enthusiasm he showed me the plethora of hidden document and tool pockets on his 5.11 wares, adding that they put these pockets in “darn near everything they make – backpacks and totes too!”


He also boasted of the 5.11 double-reinforced fabric on the knees of the pants and on the elbows on the shirts. He said between the insane quality of 5.11’s gear and BareBones’ prices, he saves an awful lot of money.

At BareBones, I had the pleasure of learning more about the quality of 5.11 and the range of their offerings. 5.11 has truly designed THE clothes and tools for anyone requiring incredibly durable and outright “working-practical” gear.


In fact, 5.11 consulted with EMTs, police officers and enlisted men & women in deciding how to design their gear. Need to decide where the pen holders go on an ambulance top? They asked them! How best to design medical and tactical bags for optimal versatility? They asked EMTs, officers, and soldiers!


gear      holster       police

Primary clothing and gear specs:

– All clothing designed for breathability and moisture wicking (socks too!)
– Quad-stitching on stress areas (elbows, knees, etc. – with crotch wear reinforcement offered on some pants)
– Heavy duty belts that have upwards of a 6000lb rating
– Creative & numerous hidden document pockets on shirts, pants & shorts
– Comfort designed undergarments and holsters for easy wear under heavy gear
– Premier law enforcement gear
– Premier military gear
– Premier fire professionals gear
– Premier emergency services gear




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