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High Altitude Hiking

Say you have a head. And a pair of ears. Which you really do have, unless you're a headless alien or VanGogh or something. In that case, I'm sorry and you probably won't want to read this blog because


Girls Just Want to Get Gifts!


Sometimes shopping for girls can be hard. I know because I am a girl and have two sisters, who are almost impossible to shop for. When you shop for women you have to shop from the heart. Not only do you


Holiday Gifts for Guys Under $50! (+1 More!)

Barey Bones-Claus

You better watch out! Barey Bones is Coming to Town!

The holidays are approaching fast, and if you're anything like me (and perhaps a good portion of the population), you are NOT prepared!  You


Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Let's take a moment to talk about breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society,  about 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime (think of it this way: a woman is diagnosed with


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Barey Bones

We all have that one friend. That friend who just oozes cool-ness. When he or she walks by, you hear downtown jazz music with a snare, a snap, and a crack!
Barey Bones' friend Stogi was that bear


Tough Dads, Caterpillars, and Butterflies

Hey, so I know it’s a long ways away, but Father’s Day is coming up on June 16 and it’s never too early to get ready to celebrate the male role models in our lives.

“With great power comes great responsibility…”
- Uncle Ben


Here’s one gift suggestion that’s pretty tough, cute, and family-oriented all at once… ready?


Matching CAT Apparel shirts. 


1510231_blush 1510207_ink1510034_black


One for dad, one for mum, and one or more for the kid(s). It shows that you’re all hardworking, tough, and united as individuals and as a whole family.


What I like about CAT Apparel shirts is their branding (when I see that logo, I think of the honest hard worker, the backbone of our industrial infrastructure)… and their tagless shirts (but seriously, why do any brands still put tags on their clothing?!).


Admiral Adama is pretty much his entire crew’s dad. He’s tough, loyal, and lovable.


PROTIP: If you’re ever looking for CAT Apparel products and you don’t want to wade through a bunch of sites that sell clothing for cats and kittens, just type “Caterpillar Apparel.” :3


Don’t forget to save the date! June 16, 2013.

You can find these shirts and other great Father’s Day gifts at BareBonesWorkWear.com.


Photo credits: Spider-Man (Marvel 2002), Battlestar Galactica


Kids can be superheroes just like dad (or mom, just sayin’)!

Let’s be honest here. Good parents are basically superheroes (hopefully without the whole tragic past thing going on). And logic follows that superheroes are awesome and everyone wants to be one in one way or another, right?


So let me start out by reminding anyone who (god forbid) has forgotten that raising kids is hard work! First you have to go through the whole process of pregnancy, then birth, then there’s the sleepless nights, the safety-proofing, the diaper changing… and then they grow up a little more and you’ve got all the drama that comes with going to school, making friends, learning lessons, developing an identity… AND THEN there’s getting a job and/or going to college, figuring out a career, maintaining extracurricular activities and a social life. FINALLY, you get that sigh of relief when they leave the nest.  BUT WAIT! There’s potential for more! As a parent, you’re always going to be a role model, a go-to resource, family support… whether you’re fully present or not!


Jor-El and Kal-El: The ultimate father-son duo.


So maybe you’re raising a youngster right now. While they’re still youthful, imaginative, and more or less free from peer pressure to “grow up” (whatever that means), give them some fun things to reminisce about later on in life, such as:



CAT Apparel 1510214 Toddlers Super Squad Tee w/ Cape

CAT Apparel 1510214 Toddlers Super Squad Tee w/ Cape


I really have no words except for things like, “b’awwww” and “AWWWWWWAOIWAFIJAFDFADORABLE” for CAT Apparel’s kids’ clothing line. Like, seriously, they are SUPER adorable. And what better way to simultaneously make your kid feel proud of themselves AND proud of you, their heroic parent(s), than to give them a shirt with a detachable cape. Just saying, I really think CAT should start making these kinds of clothes for adults… I’d work it!

Anyway, check out these other super cute shirts and sets (whoever thought of sets is pretty much the best person ever because it’s just a one-stop-shop now. You don’t gotta spend time shopping and trying to figure out what pants matches what shirt, etc. It’s all there for you!). 

CAT Apparel 1510214 Toddlers Super Squad Tee w/ Cape

CAT Apparel 1510214 Toddlers Super Squad Tee w/ Cape

CAT Apparel 1499024 Infants Pull Power Set

CAT Apparel 1499024 Infants Pull Power Set

CAT Apparel 1510208 Toddlers Spotlight Tee

CAT Apparel 1510208 Toddlers Spotlight Tee

Put these on your kids and they’ll be tough, just like you!

Photo credit: Superman (DC Comics)