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Feeling the heat of the holidays? Say NO to holiday hazards with some FR apparel this season. Some people don't believe in Santa, and that's okay, but everyone believes in wearing safety apparel at high


What the heck is FR? Flame Resistance Week

Great balls of fire! There are risks with any job, but if you have fire risks in yours, taking the proper precautions can save your arm, leg, and life! FRC is one of the most commonly used clothing products for jobs that encounter electrical, chemical, and combustible elements that can start a fire. Wearing something as simple as standard FRC gloves orFRC pants can prevent injury during a mistake which, lets face it, we are human and slips-ups do happen. So, the first step to protecting yourself is educating yourself, which also is one of your abilities as a complex human being!

Refinery workers


Electrician Jobs


Food Production Industry

Common FR questions:

What does FR stand for?

FR is the common abbreviation for Flame Resistant in regards to the material of clothing that can self-extinguish during an accident that can cause a fire to start

What does FRC mean?

FRC stands for Flame Resistant Clothing. You can commonly see the abbreviation in bids or quotes for safety work clothing

Who wears Flame Resistant clothing?

Workers who are consistently in a hazardous environment should wear standard FR clothing. If you are around any kind of Electric Arc (electricians, electric linemen),Flash Fire (refinery, chemical, or pharmaceutical), and Combustible Dust Explosion(paper industry, paint industry, food processing). Anyone who comes in close contact with energized electrical equipment should wear FRC to protect themselves from a potential electrical accident.


Where can I buy FR clothing?

Carhartt ® is one of the leading brands that provides a wide selection of FR garments. You can even create and entire outfit of FR clothing by layering to keep you safe in the toughest conditions. For a job where you need to free up your arms like electrical work, put on the Carhartt FRK294 Flame Resistant Long-Sleeve T-Shirt with the Radians AP1-60 Rad-Apocalypse Safety Glasses so you can get into a small space while protecting your arms and eyes. For colder conditions for example in a refinery, stay warm and keep yourself safe with Carhartt FRJ195 Men’s Flame-Resistant Duck Bomber Jacket and the Carhartt FRB002 Flame-Resistant Twill Work Pant. Now you can go to work and look forward to the weekend without worrying about catching on fire! Stay golden!

Carhartt FRK294 Flame Resistant Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Radians AP1-60 Rad-Apocalypse Safety Glasses

Carhartt FRJ195 Men's Flame-Resistant Duck Bomber Jacket

 Carhartt FRB002 Flame-Resistant Twill Work Pant

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