Put a Lid on it!

High Altitude Hiking

Say you have a head. And a pair of ears. Which you really do have, unless you're a headless alien or VanGogh or something. In that case, I'm sorry and you probably won't want to read this blog because


Personal Protective GETS PERSONAL


You're the kind of person who's into adventure, mystery, and danger. But you're also the kind of person who's into playing it safe because you're not stupid, that phone's not your dad, and you don't watch


Constructed for Greatness!


Unlike Wall E, we were not born constructed for greatness! Pixar's adorable robot Wall E was created to clean up and work through a construction site with all the safety requirements met. He's one cute


Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound – by Capital Cities


I didn’t like this song when I first heard it because of the weird MIDI trumpet sounds, but I have to admit that now… I LOVE IT. Also, just sayin’, the Capital Cities station on Pandora is pretty great.


Maybe you can give it a listen (or two… or five hundred…) while getting yourself some hi vis (high visibility) work wear from some of your favorite brands, such as DickiesCarhartt, and Berne Apparel. We know how dangerous your jobs can be, so we want to help keep you Safe and Sound.


Dickies VV601 Men’s Long Sleeve Coverall Non Ansi

Dickies VV601 Men’s Long Sleeve Coverall Non Ansi

In my opinion, that Dickies coverall is not only highly functional… but also kind of fashionable. I don’t know what it is about navy blues and bright oranges, but hot damn, they make a good combination.