New Year’s Resolutions That Rock the Job Site


Every New Year's Eve, we make resolutions to be healthier, accomplish goals, or do something we have never done before. Nine times out of ten we never fulfill, achieve, or keep a resolution. Maybe


Labor Day Weekend: Top 5 Things to Do Before Summer’s Over


The temperature is dropping,  the kiddos are going back to school, and Labor Day weekend is approaching. Yep, its the last days of summer and you can't help but feel a little sad. Luckily, you have one


Ditch Those Summertime Blues With Our Cool and Comfy Sandals

Summer is coming! If you’re like me, you’re anxiously awaiting the 100 degree temperatures, armed with an arsenal of flip flops and ice cream sandwiches. If you’re not like me…well, you at least need some fun sandals to help keep your feet cool as you endure another season of blazing heat caused by that really bright yellow thing in the sky. To help you along (because I’m nice like that), I’ve found some pretty sweet things for you to do this summer, and some really sweet new kicks to wear while doing them.

1. Take a hike!


There’s nothing better than taking in the smell of trees, the beautiful sights of the great outdoors, and the sounds of the birds and other woodland creatures as you walk along the trails. And there’s nothing worse than sweaty feet and wet socks on a long hike. Okay, so getting eaten by a bear might be worse. But you won’t have to worry about bears or sweat when you strap on your Hi-Tec 40769 Women’s Waimea Falls Sandals and hit the trails.

It only looks like a friendly wave. In reality, he’s jealous of your fancy footwear. And hungry. Very, very hungry.

*Sandals not guaranteed to ward off bears. Please stay away from bears.

Hi-Tec 40769 Women’s Waimea Falls Sandals. They come in green. I like green.


2. Pitch a tent!

Ahh, camping. Roasted hot dogs on the fire, spending the night under the stars, and all the s’mores you can eat with only a small fraction of the guilt. At night, you’ll probably want to lace up your most comfortable sneakers over a pair of warm wool socks, but during the day, you need a light and breezy sandal that’s both rugged and feminine.

Enter the Timberland Tree 8234R Women’s Earthkeepers Lola Bay Thong. With an extra strap to keep your flips from flopping off (and to make it harder for bears to steal them), these sandals will take you from the campsite to the lake in comfortable style.


You won’t mind the dirt and the bugs as much when you’re enjoying the leather-covered cushioned footbed of the Timberland Tree 8234R Women’s Earthkeepers Lola Bay Thong.


3. Take to the seas(ide)!


So maybe the woods aren’t your thing–all those bugs, trees and don’t forget the bears that aren’t afraid of sandals. It can be quite scary. So how about a nice trip to the beach? The breeze on your back, the soothing sounds of the waves crashing against the shore, the sand burning your feet. And that’s why we’re here today…even on the beach, you need some protection for your footsies. How about the Carhartt WA069 Women’s Marquette Flip-Flops? Cute, comfortable, and they’ll protect you from those pesky sand demons.

The beach-friendly Carhartt WA069 Women’s Marquette Flip-Flops.


4. Rock the backyard BBQs in style!

Of course, the great outdoors can’t always be so great, and, after all your backyard is 99.9999991% guaranteed to be bear-free. Treat your less fortunate, pool-less friends to a pool party and barbeque! You’ll be the hostess with the mostess when your guests see your fiery red Timberland Tree 8258R Women’s Earthkeepers Whittier Leather Wedge Sandals. Don’t have a pool? With these sandals, you don’t need one! Just show up to your swimming pool endowed neighbor’s house wearing these babies and they won’t be able to turn you down for a relaxing lounge by the pool.

The Timberland Tree 8258R Women’s Earthkeepers Whittier Leather Wedge Sandals in Dark Red will make you the belle of the backyard.


5. Embrace your soccer mom style

If your summer is filled with grocery store trips and kids’ soccer games, you’ll need a fun and comfortable sandal that will keep you going and won’t make you feel like you spent the day stepping on pointy objects while running away from hungry bears. The Sanita 443684 Women’s Sangria Nikka Leather Open Back Sandal will do just that. The rocker bottom helps to propel the foot forward as you walk, making your stroll through the bread aisle more enjoyable. The best part about spending your summer cheering on the Tigers? They already beat the Bears.

The Sanita 443684 Women’s Sangria Nikka Leather Open Back Sandal in Lime will make your day-to-day tasks a bit more fun and bright.


Photo Credit: Fanpop, Carville Landscape, Pacific Youth Soccer


Hiking Diaries: Blister Sisters Hiking Club

Sometimes, we forget that age does not rule who we are or what we do in this world. Its only a number! I had a pretty good grasp on the subject before my mom asked me to go on a hike with her and her friends this past weekend, but I have a new found understanding of it now. Recently becoming more and more active in the past year, my mom brought me along on a hike with a local group she had joined called “The Blister Sisters Hiking Club.” They are exactly as their name sounds, a group of Sacramento area women who take all-day hiking trips to keep moving and enjoy the outdoors. These women get together once a month for bigger hikes, like this one, then go out to lunch to celebrate afterwards. Not only is the experience about getting some exercise but also the bonds among the group. All ages and types of women are welcome to come and join in on the fun. Since my mother knew most of these women from her high school days, I felt an immense amount of excitement and happiness to be outside. I also felt like I had 20 more moms around me as well, but in a great way!


image (3)

Our destination for the day was to Ferry Falls right outside of Grass Valley, CA and one of the most unique hikes I had ever been on. When I think of a  hike, I always picture dense forests with tall pine trees shadowing a soft forest bed; Ferry Falls was the exact opposite. Located right outside of the Beale Air Force Base, the drive up to the trail was open range grassy meadows that had lush green rolling hills, black oak trees, and a heard of grazing cattle. Quite a lovely representation of the California landscape!

image (7)

The hike was about 5 miles, round-trip,  that consisted of a well kept dirt road followed by small dirt trails that led you straight to a 100 ft. waterfall. The best part of the falls was being able to stand right next to them and feel the spray after being in the sun. Once you traveled a little farther downstream, there where rocks and small rapids, prefect for resting, closing your eyes, and just listening to the sound of the water.

image (1)

The hike was a success and I felt so welcomed by the Blister Sisters Hiking Club. It made me hopeful that I too can keep hiking as long as I want and not let my age affect my mobility. Thanks to the Blister Sisters I met so many wonderful women, spent some time with my mom, and came back with so many sore muscles!

image (2)


image (6)


image (5)


When hiking for fun, exercise, or even a little adventure, you want to make sure you have the proper footwear. I wore tennis shoes which frankly made me nervous with every step.  Most of the Blister Sisters wore KEENs which gave them great ankle support and slip resistance. Try something like Keen Targee II Mid Hiking Boot in Shitake/Blue Spruce or the  Moxie Trades Maggie 6″ Safety Toe Hiking Boot for a more feminine hiker look. If you want a more “hardcore” hiking boot, try the  Danner Mt. Definance 5.5″ Boot in Brown/Salmon or the for their arch support and abrasion control.








Whether you are 13, 23, or 53, getting active is a huge part of living a happy life. Don’t let your age get in the way of you staying mobile because once you stop its really hard to start again.

So take a hike… and enjoy it!

If you are in the Sacramento area and have a love of hiking, you can contact the Blister Sisters about their next hiking trip that will be taking place in May. Check out their Facebook for more information!




Take a Hike… in Our New Arrivals

If we tell you to take a hike, we actually want you to enjoy it! For the best hike of your life, check out some of our new arrivals in hiking shoes and boots for men, women, and kids! With the warm weather around the corner, find the right shoes for an all day hike with your family!








For that trip up a trail that requires serious effort and focus, grab the Keen Detroit Mid Black/Olive Brown Steel Toe Boot so you won’t have to watch your step. The Keen’s got your back with a waterproof leather structure, steel toe, and slip resistant design that makes them great for work or play. For a hike that could have a stream or two, try the Danner 453 GTX in Grey/Blue for its 100% waterproof GORE-TEX lining that will provide comfort and protection from the elements that may face you!


Keen Detroit Mid Black/Olive Brown Steel Toe Boot

Keen Detroit Mid Black/Olive Brown Steel Toe Boot

Danner 453 GTX in Grey/Blue

Danner 453 GTX in Grey/Blue


If you’re looking for boots that are worthy of Bear Grylls, try the Timberland Tree  GT Scramble Mid Hiker Boot in Brown and Blue! Test your limits and overall manliness with this sturdy hiking boot that features speed lace hardware, weather-repellent leather, and shock absorption for faster paces. You can even feel good about this purchase because the out-sole is made with 42% recycled rubber. 1 for you, 1 for the Earth! For those hikes that cross streams, rivers, and ponds, get the Cadillac of waterproof protection with the  Timberland Pro Helix 6 inch Boot. Go for the extreme with this boot’s abrasion resistance, waterproof leather, and anti-fatigue technology. No need to stop, don’t need to with this boot! Hike for life!


Timberland Tree  GT Scramble Mid Hiker Boot

Timberland Tree GT Scramble Mid Hiker Boot

Timberland Pro Helix 6 inch Boot

Timberland Pro Helix 6 inch Boot


Hikes are great for family trips and bonding. Letting your kids explore the great outdoors is perfect for opening their minds beyond Facebook and video games. Have your little tykes strapped into the Hi-Tec Omaha Jr. in Grey and Blue to protect their feet from bumps and bruises. Can’t say the same for their knees, but at least their feet will be protected! For a more rugged big kid look, put your kids into the Hi-Tec Oakhurst Trail Jr. for steeper hills and lots of dirt! Just as long as their feet are protected, you’ll only have to worry about them getting dirty!

Hi-Tec Omaha Jr. in Grey and Blue

Hi-Tec Omaha Jr. in Grey and Blue


Hi-Tec Oakhurst Trail Jr.

Hi-Tec Oakhurst Trail Jr.