Employee Pick: What a Flirt!

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Every girl loves to flirt, so why not give a wink or two without even doing anything! This week's Employee Pick is the Durango Flirt Boot! With this cutie cowgirl boot, no need to bat your eyes and purse


The Many Faces of Barey Bones


You have continually asked yourself, "Who is Barey Bones?"

Even we can't tell you exactly who he is. His identity is a culmination of truth, hope, myth, and legend. All we know for sure is that he is


Instagram of the Week: Ocean Hues

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There's nothing worse then the humid summer heat! You know... those days when its over 100 degrees, no breeze, and the air just hangs there. Yeah not cool! The only thing that helps on a sticky hot day


Top 5 Most Awesomely Attractive Ariat Western Boots

You’re ready to ride by dawn and spend your mornings roaming the lands of this great country on your best friend and best steed.

Ariat began as a company that wanted to make the best boots for the best equestrian athletes. From 1993 to this day, they have never lost sight of their mission to create the most durable, hard working (for you!), comfortable, and damn fine lookin’ boots you ever did see.


So enough rambling from me, let’s see what these Top 5 Most Awesomely Attractive Ariat Western Boots are:

1. Ariat 9544 Women’s Quickdraw Tan Ostrich Print

I absolutely love flashes of shocking colors (CMYK holler), but these Quickdraw boots are super styling PLUS they’ve got ATS(r) (Advanced Torque Stability) technology, aka they keep your feet comfy and dry (particularly useful if you’re out for a long day of work and you don’t want your feet to feel like they’ve been in a sauna all day)! These western boots also have Duratread rubber outsoles, which are more durable than traditional rubber compounds.


Ariat 9544 Women's Quickdraw Tan Ostrich Print

Ariat 9544 Women’s Quickdraw Tan Ostrich Print


2. Ariat 9597 Men’s Rawhide Thunder Brown

GET READY TO BRING THE THUNDER! These electrifying boots are fancy as hell and feature Ariat’s 4LR(tm) (4 layer rebound) technology which provides comfort and support (doesn’t have the rad moisture-wicking technology of the ATS(r) system). Also maybe a little biased on this one because I love any sort of peacock blue colors.

Ariat 9597 Men's Rawhide Thunder Brown

Ariat 9597 Men’s Rawhide Thunder Brown


3. Ariat 10144 Men’s WorkHog Mesteno Brown Rowdy

This square-toed boot is not for squares! (but if you do identify as a square and you like these boots, you should totally rock them)

This WorkHog boot might leave the thunder to that Rawhide boot… but these ones certainly bring a shock of lightning green! Not only is the design gorgeous, but the boot is also very functional. It features Ariat’s aforementioned Duratread(tm) sole, along with their U-Turn Entry System(tm), which makes it easy for any foot to find its way in or out of this hardy boot (half the struggle of an ordinary work day, right?).



Ariat 10144 Men's WorkHog Mesteno Brown Rowdy

Ariat 10144 Men’s WorkHog Mesteno Brown Rowdy


4. Ariat 9589 Men’s Quickdraw Chocolate Elephant

I LOVE the color orange. I love everything orange. It is such an under-appreciated color (and the fruit is delicious, of course).

These boots have premium leather, just like all the other Ariat boots, and feature the previously mentioned Duratread(tm) technology. But look at that design!!! And the color! THE COLOR.

In fact, don’t even think about buying this boot. I wants it. It’s mine. My precious. 


Ariat 9589 Men's Quickdraw Chocolate Elephant

Ariat 9589 Men’s Quickdraw Chocolate Elephant


5. Ariat 9571 Men’s Heritage Roughstock Black

Now then, here are some handsome, conservative boots (with that dry comfort, thanks to the ATS(r) technology) for those of you who are into the cool, quiet, but bold look. You sit at the bar and no one really needs you to say anything because they already know. They already know your story and that you’re tough as adamantium.


Ariat 9571 Men's Heritage Roughstock Black

Ariat 9571 Men’s Heritage Roughstock Black

Well, there you have it folks. From rowdy and rambunctious to collected and courageous. These boots were not only made for walkin’, but they sure as hell were meant for workin’.