Girls Just Want to Get Gifts!


Sometimes shopping for girls can be hard. I know because I am a girl and have two sisters, who are almost impossible to shop for. When you shop for women you have to shop from the heart. Not only do you


Travels across the country… Coeur D’alene, ID


  I-90.  This highway starts in Boston, Massachusetts, and ends all the way across the country at Seattle, Washington.  It's one of the few highways I know of that goes straight across the country without


Employee Pick: What a Flirt!

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Every girl loves to flirt, so why not give a wink or two without even doing anything! This week's Employee Pick is the Durango Flirt Boot! With this cutie cowgirl boot, no need to bat your eyes and purse


The Many Faces of Barey Bones


You have continually asked yourself, "Who is Barey Bones?"

Even we can't tell you exactly who he is. His identity is a culmination of truth, hope, myth, and legend. All we know for sure is that he is


Instagram of the Week: Ocean Hues

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There's nothing worse then the humid summer heat! You know... those days when its over 100 degrees, no breeze, and the air just hangs there. Yeah not cool! The only thing that helps on a sticky hot day


Dad Tells Tale of 5.11



My dad Bill was über excited when he found out I started working at BareBones. Coming from a guy who does not get excited by much, I was intrigued.


He was downright giddy when he bounded upstairs and came back down with several garments. I was about to be schooled in 5.11 tactical gear.



With boyish enthusiasm he showed me the plethora of hidden document and tool pockets on his 5.11 wares, adding that they put these pockets in “darn near everything they make – backpacks and totes too!”


He also boasted of the 5.11 double-reinforced fabric on the knees of the pants and on the elbows on the shirts. He said between the insane quality of 5.11’s gear and BareBones’ prices, he saves an awful lot of money.

At BareBones, I had the pleasure of learning more about the quality of 5.11 and the range of their offerings. 5.11 has truly designed THE clothes and tools for anyone requiring incredibly durable and outright “working-practical” gear.


In fact, 5.11 consulted with EMTs, police officers and enlisted men & women in deciding how to design their gear. Need to decide where the pen holders go on an ambulance top? They asked them! How best to design medical and tactical bags for optimal versatility? They asked EMTs, officers, and soldiers!


gear      holster       police

Primary clothing and gear specs:

– All clothing designed for breathability and moisture wicking (socks too!)
– Quad-stitching on stress areas (elbows, knees, etc. – with crotch wear reinforcement offered on some pants)
– Heavy duty belts that have upwards of a 6000lb rating
– Creative & numerous hidden document pockets on shirts, pants & shorts
– Comfort designed undergarments and holsters for easy wear under heavy gear
– Premier law enforcement gear
– Premier military gear
– Premier fire professionals gear
– Premier emergency services gear




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Top 20 Fun Scrubs Tops!



What a draaaaaaag–but how to make it fun? How to put a smile on your frowny impatient patients who just want to get the heck outta the hospital?


The answer? FUN SCRUBSFun scrubs? What does that even mean? Well, according to a couple different studies, what you wear to work can affect not only who you work with (for you healthcare workers, that means your fellow staff and patients), but also yourself.

Let me explain by taking you on a visual tour of a wholeee newww woooorrrlllddd of my top 20 picks for super Fun Scrubs.



1. Tooniforms 6748C Women’s V-Neck Scrub Top


Wouldn’t it be great if you had the cleaning and organizational power of animals and nature within your grasp at the hospital? Ah, if only it weren’t a health hazard. Anyway, keep calm and whistle while you wear this Snow White scrub top!



2. Tooniforms 6846C Women’s V-Neck Scrub Top


YOU’RE AN ANIMAL, A FRIENDLY, NON-THREATENING BEAST. If you like to move-it move-it at work, then this is the scrub for you.



3. Tooniforms 6969 Women’s V-Neck Scrub Top

The Count has counted to 3! The kids will love this Sesame Street scrub top (along with the adults that were born in the 80’s).



4. WonderWink 6716C Men’s Raglan Block Top


Uh… yeah, sorry guys, there aren’t a whole lot of “fun” scrubs for you (start writing letters and demanding some awesome printed designs!). This one is the most fun I could find for you baseball-lovers. Wear this and leave after a hard day’s work feeling like you’ve hit a homerun!



5. Scrub HQ 4804 Women’s Mock Wrap Scrub Top

While you’re at work or don’t have access to hours upon hours of cute cat videos on youtube (or if you’re ironically allergic like me–I say ironically because my name is Cat), here’s a scrub that will show ‘em meow it’s done.

4804_KCOR (1)


6. Dickies 84771 Women’s Every Day Scrubs V-Neck Scrub Top


I’m not really sure what it is about owls and owl prints, but they seem to be a real hoot with the healthcare industry professionals!




7. Dickies 84771C Women’s Missy Fit EDS Print V-Neck Scrub Top


Unrelated to scrubs, but relevant to adorable comics about an owl named Owly who just wants to be friends with everyone, here is a link to some free Owly comics that you can read while you’re on break.






8. Dickies 82890CB Women’s Junior Fit All About Appliques Round Neck Scrub Top


The pockets on this one are super cute. Carry these little buddies around with you while you work!





9. Scrub HQ 4620C Unisex Kid’s Scrub Set


Okay, admittedly, these are for kids, but that just means there’s super cute fun scrubs for the whole family (well, maybe not so much the guys, but… hopefully that will change in the future).




10. Tooniforms 6885V Women’s Mock Wrap Scrub Top


Don’t be a square! Or be a square. Whatever you want, the choice is yours.

It may not be the best time to wear a striped sweater (even though we all know that’s all the time), but it sure is a good time to wear a Spongebob scrubs. *cue Spongebob laughter*




11. Tooniforms 6875C Women’s Flexibles Scrub Top


If you’re into really spoohky (see what I did there) Winnie the Pooh designs, this scrub top v-neck is a real grab (FROM THE GRAVE. Just kidding. Maybe?).




12. Mary Engelbreit M3047A Printed Square Neck Top


Being square is not always a bad thing. Here’s a Mary Engelbreit scrub top with a super cute square neck and red patterned design.




13. Tooniforms 6739V Womens’ Round Neck Scrub Top


This nautical theme would go great with some Timberland Casco Bay Boat Shoes. If your patients are looking a little seasick, they will definitely feel as refreshed as a cool ocean mist when they see you in this fashionable sailboat scrub top. Set the sails, full health ahead!


T6739V_SBSO (1)


14. Tooniforms 6767CB Women’s Cotton Scoop Neck Scrub Top


I recently re-watched Disney’s Bambi and it was like the saddest thing ever (well, not quite as sad as Dumbo. That got too real), BUT the good part is that everyone only really remembers the fancy-free prancing of this growing deer and his animal friends. That’s sort of ideal experience though, isn’t it? Get through all the tough times, but come out remembering the best of those times. Spread that positive experience to your staff and patients with this Bambi scrub top.





15. Tooniforms 6754B Women’s V-Neck Scrub Top



The greatest lesson that can be learned from Disney’s The Little Mermaid is that you can become anything you want to be. With magic.

This mermaid Ariel scrub top wants to be part of your world.




16. Tooniforms 6742CB Women’s Disney Cotton Round Neck Scrub Top


While you supervise the student interns tinkering around with the medical equipment, let this Tinkerbell scrub top perform some magic for the patients.







17. Tooniforms 6736CB Women’s Disney Cotton Round Neck Scrub Top


Create some excellent visual landscapes within your medical work wear with multiple Minnie Mouse’s. A-ha!




18. Tooniforms 6546 Women’s V-Neck Scrub Top


I never watched a whole bunch of Hello Kitty as a child, but I saw a few episodes and they were… bizarrely calm? Well… anyway, Hello Kitty is a giant hit with people all over the world. She has become an icon for fashion, cute culture, individuality, and maybe stereotypes of Asian submissiveness (but there have been lots of rad movements to reverse this trend). So get that kawaii out of your eyes and start spreading the joy with these Hello Kitty scrubs.





19. Scrub HQ 4856C Women’s Cotton V-Neck Scrub Top


Whether you’re an SF Giants fan or simply in love with their unBEARable cuteness, this Panda scrub top is pan-daringly comfortable for a hard day’s work in the nicu.






20. Scrub HQ 4826C Women’s Mock Wrap Scrub Top

I bet you were curious to know what the last of the Top 20 Fun Scrubs would be (all fun scrub tops should be punintended). So here it is, a Curious George yellow scrub top. Everyone will go BANANAS when they see it.