Team Work Wear

From the assembly line to the superhero assembly comes… TEAM WORK WEAR. A.K.A. The League of Work Wear Heroes!



Here we see:

  • Captain Hi Vis

    • She’s the world’s leading architect of high visibility safety apparel and loves to be featured in the hi viz lime light. Be it night or day, you will see her (but really, you can’t miss her) burning bright with a passion for helping workers all over the world stay visible in dim lighting situations, or even in the daylight! We all know that working next to high speed traffic can be dangerous, but we also know that we can trust in Captain Hi Vis’ amazing capabilities to ward off blindingly terrible accidents.
  • The Steel Toad

    • He may look like a quiet, ordinary teenage frog in a hood, but he is actually a toad made of a burnt orange flexible matte steel material. But was he born of this flexible steel material, or does he have some kind of tragic back story involving a high school metal shop class, some illegal radioactive materials, and the girl he thought he loved…? We may never know. But what we do know is that he has set out in life to protect the toes of all blue collar laborers working in potentially dangerous work environments, much like a steel toe boot would set out to do if it were sentient.
  • FR Pigeon

    • It’s a bird! It’s a… wait, it is a bird. And… is that a small flame hovering above its head, as if this flame cannot harm this strangely judgmental-looking pigeon? Yes! It’s FR Pigeon. What’s FR, you ask? Flame resistant / fire resistant / flame retardant, however you want to word it. He is all those things and more. When you put on that FR coverall or that FR jacket, just remember that FR Pigeon will be there to flap away flames to help you not burn up and burn out at work. At the end of the work day, you’ll find that he’s a pretty coo guy.
  • WP Duck

    • That duck just dived into that pond and came out perfectly dry! Now that’s what I call QUACK! The WP in WP Duck’s superhero name stands for Waterproof. Because he’s got the power to repel water when he chooses. How did he come out of that pond perfectly dry? No, it’s not the oil that coats a duck’s feathers after preening. It’s because WP Duck chose to repel the water at will, forming a cool sphere of dryness around him while diving into the pond’s mighty depths. He can do something similar for your waterproof boots and clothing, too. When you put on that waterproof jacket, you’re putting on a duck. And by duck I mean a waterproof bubble shield provided by WP Duck.
  • Tacticat

    • Cats with GUNS? Is this the future? Well yes, it will be. Oh, there it is. The future just passed into the present and then into the past. Confusing enough for you? Not enough probably because you’re smart as hell, but not as smart as Tacticat. She’s got all the moves, the know-how, and specializes in tactical gear, accessories, and apparel. She knows when to head into a potentially hazardous situation in order to provide for your tactical safety gear needs, but she also knows when it’s time to pull chocks.
  • Electric Hazard

    • The last, but not least shocking superhero of our work wear team is Electric Hazard. Some say he’s a sly fox, but most say he’s literally a fox… with the powers of electricity at his hands, coursing through his veins. He would drive a Tesla if he could afford it, but why drive when you can fly using the electric currents within the air? He can throw electric bolts with his bare paws, but he can also absorb electricity to help blue collar workers avoid getting the shock of a lifetime (aka injury or fatality).

More work wear adventures to come!

Cat Hellxia

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