To Be of a Bear

What does it mean to be manly? What is manhood? What is masculinity? These are the questions we often ask ourselves in the womb, before being brutally thrown out (naked) into the real world, taking the long and arduous journey to adulthood only to finally gain our well-earned, bristling mustache.


And what’s the big deal about mustaches, you ask? Well, it’s one of the best ways to be… of a bear.

Of a bear, you ask? Yes. The bear.

Even though the bear is obviously not human, he is one of the greatest examples of what it means to be manly. The bear is:

  • Defiant to authoritative tyrants
  • Respectful to community-minded leaders
  • Aggressive towards offensive ignorance
  • Open towards honest constructive criticisms
  • Understanding
  • Immune to colds
  • Dangerous… when he wants to be… and even more dangerous in having that choice
  • Loving (they call them bear hugs for a reason)
  • Protective (you mess with a bear’s friend, you mess with the bear. Bears make great business associates)
  • Manly.

But there it is again! Manly. What does it mean? It can be masculine or feminine, depending on what you choose. No one else can define the virtues of manliness for you. Only you can prevent anti-manly-ness. ┬áBeing manly is combining all the qualities of the bear into a warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment that greets you every morning and pats you on the back every night. When you feel great and proud of being great… that, my friend, is when you have found what it means to be manly.





Cat Hellxia

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