Top 5 Winter Activities For the Family!

Cabin fever settling in? Just because you’re snowed in doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the family. Bundle up and get outside! Here are five family fun activities that will cure the cabin fever this winter!




1. Sledding

If you’ve decided to take the family to a cabin in Lake Tahoe, CA or Big Fork, Montana for the holidays, you know there’s going to be a lot of snow. Since you have so much snow around why not take advantage of it! The first activity you can do with the whole family is go sledding! Nothing is better then the thrill of whizzing down a snowy mountain on a sled. Find a relatively safe hill and start a sledding race. The back and forth up the hill will give you guys the exercise you might not get when you’re snowed in. With sledding, you and your family can get a little exercise and engage in some friendly competition.


2. Build a  Snow Man

Where there’s snow, the snowman comes to life! Such an easy project for anyone and for all ages. Building a snowman with your kids after a snowstorm gets them outside and moving. Work together to collect items from the house like a pipe, scarf and a hat for clothing, a carrot and rocks for the face, and sticks for the arms. It gives your kids a chance to get creative and help you relive your childhood. Get even more creative and give your snowman a snow dog so he won’t be lonely out in the cold!




3. Snow Shoeing

The storm has finally cleared and after a couple days of being cooped up you can’t wait to get outside. If you want more of a challenge and a physical activity, take your family snow shoeing! I know it sounds like a lot of work but it’s actually a lot of fun. You’ll need to bundle you and your kids up, put on the appropriate shoes with stakes for balance and map out where you want to go beforehand. In a single file line start your winter walk! This will give you and your family to get out of the cabin, get some fresh air and explore your surroundings. Do take into account, the distance you walk there you will have to walk back. Just like any other sport, start small and work your way up. Go with your family two or three times during your vacation, each time going a little farther. It will be a great accomplishment you can all share together as a family. Plus making physical activity fun is a bonus!




4. Snow Ice Cream

Some of the best memories I have as a child are during the winter months when the inches of snow would turn into feet. A white cool blanket covering every surface really turned our 9 acres of land into a winter wonderland. The memory that tops them all is when my dad would come home from work and make snow ice cream! A classic blend of cream, sugar, and milk, the cold snow was instantly turned into magical snow ice cream! Here’s the super easy recipe you can make for your kids!



Snow Cream Recipe:

1 Cup of half and half or milk

1/2 Cup of granulated sugar

1/2 Teaspoon of vanilla extract

4-6 Cups of clean, fresh fallen snow

Mix together the milk and/or half and half, vanilla and sugar until the sugar dissolves. Stir in snow one cup at a time until ice cream forms. Chill in the freezer for 10 minutes and enjoy!


5. Indoor S’mores

One of my favorite snacks especially when I go camping is S’mores, obvi! What more could you love about a roasted marshmallow with melted chocolate squished between two graham crackers? Sorry I just drooled a little bit. Where was I… oh yeah S’mores! The only thing that’s sad about them is that you can only have them when you’re in front of a campfire or camping right? Wrong! S’mores are one of my favorite treats to have during winter. If you have an open wood fireplace or even any kind of free standing stove, you can have S’mores in the winter!


For an open stove:

You can fashion some “sticks” out of old wire hangers and roast your marshmallows over the open flames. You can also buy S’more sticks that are specifically made for us S’more lovers! You can always go into the forest and grab some sticks that are the driest you can find. Place them in front of the fire to dry them out for a couple hours. Then they’ll be perfect for roasting!


For a freestanding stove:

If you have a freestanding stove that has a top, you can get a brick platter or a trivet where you can put the graham crackers and chocolate to melt near the heat. Yum! Open the stove door and roast your marshmallows as usual with adult supervision.




Now take all of these ideas and don’t be afraid to go on a winter wonderland cabin vacation with your family! You’ll have plenty activities to keep everybody entertained and off their phones! Happy Holidays!

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