Top 6 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Save the date: Sunday, June 16th is Father’s Day this year. While great dads should be celebrated every day, we like to think that this is the one to specially honor the male role models in our lives and really take the time to show them how much we appreciate what they have done for us. But how do you go about doing that? There are so many options, too many things to choose from! The greatest and worst question is what would be the PERFECT gift?

Slow down and breathe. There are tons of great ideas, small to large, materialistic to simply thoughtful. What really matters is that you appreciate that superhero in your life and you tell that to him. But anyway, let’s be real here. If you’re looking for the material stuff, lemme give you some tips on gift ideas and activities for Father’s Day.


Top 6 Gift Ideas and Activities for Father’s Day


1. Let’s start off real slow with this simple yet gorgeous Ariat 9391 Men’s Range Antique Brown Western Belt. It is a hand-tooled belt (someone had the skill and took the effort to create this beauty, hence the appeal and the price). Even if you’re not a cowboy but have a taste for the Wild West, this is great gift for Dad. It shows craftsmanship, elegance, and hard work. When your father figure wears it every day, he’ll be reminded about the love and respect you have for him, and look good while he’s at it.


Ariat 9391 Men's Range Antique Brown Western Belt

A Western Belt for a Western Kind of Guy



2.  Here’s another simple gift that doesn’t really require a whole lot of effort from you: the Carhartt 61-2200 Milled Pebble Trifold Wallet. With durable genuine leather and reinforced pockets and seams, its another gift that your dad can use every day, which will remind him of how rad you are and how rad he is for helping you turn out that way.


Carhartt 61-2200 Milled Pebble Trifold Wallet

“Trifold” more like… I can’t say it because of copyright violations, but you fellow geeks out there know what I’m hinting at.


Carhartt 61-2200 Milled Pebble Trifold Wallet

Maybe you should pick one up for yourself, too. Or for me. Because I’m a poor blogger (ha! get it… because I’m broke and terrible at blogging, too.)



3. Maybe if you dad is old school and super into camo AND pixels or 8-bit culture, this could be the perfect gift for him. These here are Dickies WR551 Men’s 13-inch Regular Fit Printed Cargo Shorts to keep you cool when the weather gets hot. Maybe take your old man to a water park, or if you hate hoards of human beings like I do, take him to a nice solitary patch of beach somewhere. Or a lake, perhaps? Y’all can go hunting or fishing with my fourth gift idea for Father’s Day…


Dickies WR551 Men's 13-inch Regular Fit Printed Cargo Short

Dickies Pixies Cool Camos Cargos… what am I even saying



I don’t know about you, but I like the cold beaches. And I like that people generally don’t like cold beaches. Because that means I get the beach to myself. But I’m selfish and you’re not, so go hang out with your daddy-o (my lingo is also highly outdated).


4. Now, remember what I said about hiking and fishing? Here’s a bunch of stuff that you could get for your dad(s) for a totally awesome outdoors Father’s Day! That’s right. Get up and get out of the house (not just because it’s haunted, but because it’s great weather outside!). Here’s a Dorfman MC2 Supplex Trail Mesh Hat that you can pair with some of these great hiking shoes (I could choose just one because they all looked really cool). The Dorfman hat is made with Supplex material that is nylon, but feels like cotton and is super strong and durable (much like a superhero dad).


Then we’ve got the cool black and orange Hi-Tec 52017 Men’s V-Lite Spike Mid Wp Boots with their lace-up system (a little more convenient than regular lace systems), ankle support, removable EVA footbed (for added cushion support and comfort), waterproof leather, and mesh inserts so that your feet can breathe. Breathability, comfort, and waterproof shoes are pretty much all you can ask for in good hiking boots!


Following those Hi Tec boots is the Timberland Tree 2215R Men’s GT Scramble Mid Hiker Fabric and Leather, another great hiking shoe. Similar to the Hi Tec hiking boots, these Timberland hiking boots have the speed lace up system and water resistant leathers, but they also feature a compression molded EVA midsole (again, for extra cushioning, support, comfort, and shock absorption) and Timberland’s exclusive Gripstick and Green Rubber outsole (made of 42% rubber! Go green!). I’d say that these Timberland shoes are more for casual to moderate hiking, and the Hi Tec ones are for moderate to more intense hiking, so really think about what kind of difficulty you want before purchasing them (unless you just want all of them, in which case, please help me pay for my grad school tuition).


Finally, there’s the Rocky RE003 Men’s S2V Declination Hiker Shoe Ox Blood. These Rocky hiking shoes are pretty much for hardcore hikers, so if you’re planning on taking your dad on an intense hiking adventure, these are the perfect shoes. They’re made of Ripstop nylon (basically they are rugged and resistant to nature’s temper tantrums, just like your old man) and feature military grade shoelaces (these babies will never fall apart on you), Hydro IQ Waterproofing and a moisture wicking lining (water resistance taken a step further, cool and dry feet, and breathability, folks!), a TPU shank for stability, a lightweight EVA midsole for flexibility and comfort, and a durable abrasion-resistant Vibram outsole.



Dorfman MC2 Supplex Trail Mesh Hat


Timberland Tree 2215R Men's GT Scramble Mid Hiker Fabric and Leather

These shoes are super boss (not super bass though because that wouldn’t make sense at all). They also make me think of superheroes. If only it had a tiny cape…


Rocky RE003 Men's S2V Declination Hiker Shoe Ox Blood

Ox Blood is a really intense color name for these Rocky hiker shoes.


7580833782_cdbdf634a7_o (1)


5. Second to last, here’s an easy pair-up of an Ariat shirt and cap so that your dad won’t have worry about what to wear and how to coordinate! First, the Ariat 8834 Adult Team Logo Cap Navy with bold colors for a bold fashion statement and an adjustable strap. Then the matching Ariat 8838 Men’s Team Logo Polo Navy for a classy cool look. I actually didn’t expect to see these styles from Ariat, who I know as a top notch maker of quality equestrian boots. But hey, whattya know! They make great polos, too.


Ariat 8834 Adult Team Logo Cap Navy


Marco… wait I mean Ariat… Polo!


6. And finally last, but not least, show how proud you are of your dad AND your country (that is, if you’re reading this and you’re living in America) with this 5.11.41006BD Men’s Logo T-Shirt Old Glory. If your father figure is into tactical gear, then chances are he’ll love a 5.11 shirt (since, you know, they’re sort of the big thing in tactical apparel and gear right now). It’s a preshrunk shirt with a generous fit, and it’s double stitched for durability.


5.11.41006BD Men's Logo T-Shirt Old Glory



So whether you decide to sit back and relax with your dad(s) for Father’s Day or go out on an adventure, we here at BareBones WorkWear are sure that you’ll have a good time and that your father will be honored and appreciated.

Cat Hellxia

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