Trample Free Shopping – BareBones WorkWear Black Friday

Black Friday is a scary event. The waiting. The intimidating long line… in the rain. Once that sign clicks to the red open color a stampede of wild humans rush past each other, trampling anyone who gets in the way. All for what? To get a “good deal” on something they’ll never use? Why waste your time, money and sanity on Black Friday. We at BareBones want to provide you with a Black Friday shopping experience that’s actually enjoyable, with the deals and no risk of ending your life. ┬áThis year, we are starting Black Friday at a normal time, still having great deals with our everyday low prices, no long lines, helpful customer service and a gift with purchase! When you spend $25 in our stores you’ll get a free Barey Beanie! This will be the Black Friday to remember! Don’t miss out and find a BareBones WorkWear near you!




Jill Tustin

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