When the weather outside gets colder… get cooler.

Yeah okay, so school has already started, first impressions have already been made, cliques have already been formed, and drama has already started tearing us apart (LISA!!!!!). WHATEVER. It’s never too late to put the fa sho in fashion. Yeah, I literally just said that because I know that the best way to be cool at school is to not care what anyone else thinks. As long as you can laugh at yourself in the dark corners of the basement in your parents’ house (wait what), no one can ever keep you down (get outta here, men in white suits).

Anyway, let’s not get crazy here. All I wanted to tell you were some tips about:

  1. how to look cool
  2. how to keep your cool composure at school.

The fashion only really applies to kids, but no matter how old you are, you can always use the advice at whatever school you are attending. And remember: schools are really just microcosms of our society. Potentially brutal microcosms.

How to Look Cool and Keep Your Cool at School

Well, let’s start off by saying that the wearing less does not necessarily mean looking cooler. This isn’t a battle to see who can handle the coldest temperatures in the least amount of warm clothing. If you’re shivering at school, people are probably going to look at you with pity–and pity friendship is not a good kind of friendship. So the real answer to how to stay cool at school… is to stay warm. You can’t rack up playground cred if you’re at home, sick with the flu because you wore a t-shirt and shorts in 50 degree weather. This isn’t a challenge. This is SURVIVAL.


1. Classroom Uniforms 55123 Girl’s Plus Pleated Scooter

2. CAT Apparel 1910762 Toddler’s Superhero Sweatshirt

3. Dickies KP560 Girl’s 5-Pocket Stretch Twill Pant

4. Dickies KS4552 Kid’s Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt

5. Timberland 5978R Kid’s Earthkeepers Slim Cupsole Chukka Black Smooth

I don’t know about you, but if I could fit into these clothes, I’d work it (actually I probably could fit into these clothes, as I am a tiny human being).

If you’re sporting a skirt, skort, or dress in the cold weather, throw some leggings on and look super cute with those almost high-top sneakers.

Not sporting any of the aforementioned? This isn’t home. Put some pants on! We have pants for boys, too, for those of you who won’t fit into those Dickies Girl’s pants. Casual, comfortable, and simultaneously cool and warm!

And purple shirt? Heck yes! Purple is a popular and fashionable color right now, just like it always has been because, historically, it signifies royalty and/or nobility. And you can’t go wrong looking like a king with a $10 shirt, am I right?

Then, like I said, you should probably put on some warm clothing if it’s cold outside. Save your grandma’s awesome ugly holiday sweaters for family occasions and put on a sweet superhero jacket. Be the better person like young Clark Kent in the 2013 Man of Steel movie and don’t lash out at bullies likes a wounded dog. You’ll only fuel the flame and join the crowd of people who grow up bitter about the world (96% chance of becoming an evil villain). Violence might be an answer, but it’s not typically ever the BEST answer. Try being overly sweet to your bullies, as if you lived in an idealistic 50’s American suburban neighborhood (much like the president’s nightmare at the beginning of Saint’s Row 4). Find ways to gain their respect through terror or friendship (preferably the latter). Once you have attained some sort of friendship, try to get to know them personally. Figure out why they love bullying other people. It’s probably a daddy issue. Go for compassion and understanding, not so much pity or hatred (remember what I said about pity friendship?).

Anyway, sometimes you just gotta put your foot down when it comes to sad people being mean to make up for being sad (yeah srsly). So you might as well put a fashionable foot down with that Timberland Chukka shoe. Not only do they have a full-grain leather upper, but they’re also eco-friendly, much like the rest of the Timberland shoe Earthkeepers line. And keeping it earth-friendly also means keeping the climate cool. Everyone will thank you for that in the long run.

In conclusion, I may or may not have given you incredibly conflicting advice about how to keep your cool at school, but what I really mean is that other people’s opinions of you really shouldn’t matter if they are trying to shame or humiliate you, and that you should keep in mind that everyone comes from a different place in life. What do I mean by that? Well, maybe that bully is the way he/she is because they’ve been hurt and are now dealing with that pain by pushing you into a puddle of mud. It’s not excusable behavior, of course. But just understanding how they might have become who they are can help YOU deal with them in a more calm, hopefully less violent and passive aggressive way.


Cat Hellxia

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