You’ve got to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!

Face it, nothing in life is constant, well almost nothing. About the only thing you can count on in life is change; and one of the most stressful and exhausting changes in life is MOVING. We’ve all had the experience, even Barey Bones changes caves once-in-a-while. It’s never fun: stacks of boxes that fill up the space in your bedroom where you should be sleeping, misplaced kitchen utensils forcing you to cut pizza with a pair of safety scissors, or the MP3 player that just decided it was staying behind and was never seen again. Luckily, Barebones Workwear has a few gems that can ease your stress during the back-and-forth so you don’t just drive that moving truck into the river!

First off, you’re sure to be lifting some heavy stuff (unless your furniture is made of marshmallows), so you’ll need some protection for your hands. Berne Apparel’s GLV50 Men’s Heavy Duty Utility Glove is perfect for any job, big or small! They are waterproof, so even though you might not want to move all that stuff in a hurricane, you totally could! Plus, the soft cotton and Thinsulate insulation lightweight lining means your hands will stay dry and comfy throughout the process.

These gloves are doing double duty: keeping your hands safe AND dry!

These gloves are doing double duty: keeping your hands safe AND dry!

If the Berne gloves aren’t your bag, you might want to try Carhartt’s A551 Adult Suede Work Glove.The elastic cuff is sure to keep your gloves from slipping off and ending up stuck beneath that heavy dresser, and the soft suede is gentle on all of your precious antiques. These Carhartt beauties also feature Thinsulate insulation, so you know whatever it is you have to move (that dusty old mirror in the guestroom or the thousand-pound washing machine in your basement) your hands will be comfortable doing it.

Soft, form-fitting, and they just look freakin' sweet!

Soft, form-fitting, and they just look freakin’ sweet!

So, your hands are covered, no need to worry about splinters or cuts from unsuspecting furniture staples or bookshelves. But what about those feet that carry YOU around? They’re bound to get tired after a long day of lifting, trudging, driving, and unloading. Don’t worry, Barebones Workwear‘s got your back–er, feet–on that, too! Thorogood’s 889-6009 Visible Gel System Motion Sensor Insole is right at your heels and keeping you on your toes. Don’t worry, the motion sensor isn’t part of some government conspiracy to keep tabs on you (at least we hope not). It’s actually a double-density design that helps your feet remain comfortable and return energy with each step! No more ‘barking dogs’ after that long haul, just pure silent comfort.

Double-decker comfort, anyone?

Double-decker comfort, anyone?

But why should the bottoms of your feet lavish in all the perks? The rest of your feet deserve just as much attention during such a trying time. That’s where 5.11’s 10014 Adult’s Year Round Crew socks take over! With nano-glide threads, these socks boast enhanced blister protection for every inch of your hard-working feet during all that lifting and loading as well as transdry cotton for superior breathability. Your feet will breath a sigh of relief the moment you slide on these babies; and, the added arch and calf support, reinforced heel, sole, and toes are there to make sure your feet don’t get tuckered-out by all that moving. Plus, these socks are American made, so you won’t just be helping out your feet, you’ll be giving other hard-working Americans something to do!

My feet are happy just looking at these socks!

My feet are happy just looking at these socks!

And what are socks without shoes? Just fancy pajamas for your feet, really. And where are you going to put those insoles? You can’t just glue them to your feet (or maybe you could, but I don’t think that’s how they work). So you’ll need some good shoes, something stylish but functional (that’s how I roll anyway), something like the Puma 642635 Silverstone Steel Toe Motorsport Shoe. Here’s another point where the name might throw you off, but don’t be caught up on the whole ‘Motorsport‘ aspect. The rubber outsole is simply designed in the style of typical motorsport or racing shoes for ultimate performance during any activity, and the precisely placed iCell shock absorber enhances cushioning and comfort. With a steel toe cap, evercushion GEL moto footbed, and BreathActive functional lining these shoes are just right for any high-mobility occasion and are sure to keep your whole foot happy even after that 64-inch plasma drops onto it!

The name tells the tale: these shoes keep you comfortable while your running the rat race of life!

The name tells the tale: these shoes keep you comfortable and safe while you’re running the rat race of life!

Okay, recap: you need gloves to protect your hands from all those nasty mishaps that occur when you’re carrying stuff; you need good soft padding on your feet to make sure you can stay upright and comfy; and, you need to pamper the rest of your feet just to make sure the other parts don’t get jealous of the soles, so formidable socks and shoes are a must.

Barebones Workwear has it all, and the free shipping on orders over $75 means that you won’t have too much more to move (from your wallet), because we know you’re fed up with the whole moving process already!

Barey Bones moves to a new cave for the winter

Barey Bones moves to a new cave for the winter (obviously daytime TV is a must!)

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